'Argentina' vs 'Iraq ' ( 4-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & High Lights 🏆 friendly

A heavy defeat for Iraq against Argentina

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq defeated Argentina 4-0 in a friendly against Prince Faisal bin Fahd in Riyadh on Thursday.

ملخص مباراة الأرجنتين و العراق سوبر كلاسيكو تألق ديبالا و هزيمة قاسية لأبناء الرافدين - جودة عالية!

The match was held in the "Super Classico" quartet football, and also participate in the teams Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

Inter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez scored in the 18th minute, Watford midfielder Roberto Pereira 53, Fiorentina Germain Pezilla 82 and Francco Serve in the 90th minute.

Juventus midfielder Paolo Debala, who led most of Argentina's attacks,

The Saudi team will meet his Brazilian counterpart on Friday, and face the Iraqi team next Monday, while Argentina play against Brazil on Tuesday.

Argentina sweeps Iraq in quartet in friendly quartet

Argentina won a 4-0 victory over their Iraqi counterpart in the meeting that took place on Thursday evening at the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium in the Saudi Arabia's quadripartite tournament.

The Inter Milan striker, Lautaro Martinez, opened the scoring in the 18th minute with a superb header that the Iraqi goalkeeper failed to tackle.

Watford's Roberto Pereira added the second goal of the Tango team in the 53rd minute, after receiving a pass from Juventus star Paulo Debala and sending the ball into Iraq's net.

Fiorentina defender Germain Bezella boosted Argentina's third goal in the 82nd minute with a powerful header that the Iraqi keeper failed to tackle.

Argentina's Benfica striker Franco Serve finished the match in the 90th minute after a superb solo effort.

Argentina are set to face their traditional rivals Brazil in Super Clasico on Tuesday.

It is worth mentioning that the Argentine team is waiting for the Superclassico against the traditional rivals Brazil on Tuesday, in the framework of the tournament itself.

Argentina is sweeping Iraq with friendly cleanness

Argentina beat Iraq 4-0 on Thursday evening in a friendly match at the Faisal Bin Fahad Stadium.

Martinez took the lead in the 18th minute, Roberto Pereira was second in the 53rd minute, Germine Pizzilla third in 83, and Franco Servei fourth with 91 minutes.

Argentina are expected to play a strong match against Brazil in the friendly quadripartite tournament in Riyadh, while Iraq will meet Saudi Arabia next Monday.

Argentina go through Iraq with a clean quarter in Super Classico

The Argentine team won an important victory over the Iraqi team with four goals to none, in the meeting held at the stadium Prince Faisal bin Fahd, in the Super League Classico, held in Saudi Arabia.

The Argentine took the lead in the 18th minute by Lautaro Martinez, Roberto Pereira added 53 minutes and Germaine Pizzella scored the third goal in the 82nd minute. Franco Serve sealed the match with a fourth goal in stoppage time.

The Iraqi team will meet Saudi Arabia on Monday, 15, while Argentina will meet Brazil on Tuesday 16 of this month.

Argentina beat Iraq in a quarter-finals at the opening of the Super Classico friendly

Argentina won a big victory in the opening of the "Super Classico" international friendly, which is held in Saudi Arabia four clean at the expense of Iraq in the match held at Prince Faisal bin Fahad Stadium.

The Tango scored only 18 minutes after the start of the game, the goal of progress through "Laotaro Martinez" after the cross from the team, "Markus Acona" to be turned Inter Milan striker head into the net of Iraq

In the second half, Argentina continued their attacks on the Arab side until it reached the 53rd minute, when the team doubled the score with a goal from Roberto Pereira.

By the end of the original time of the match with eight minutes, the German Bazia scored the third goal of the Tango, and added "Franco Shervey" Argentina's last goal in the game in the second minute of stoppage time, the result 4-0

The friendly international tournament also includes Brazil and Saudi Arabia, which will play a strong match on Friday.

Iraq lose 4-0 to Argentina

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's national football team lost four goals to fourth-placed Superclassico in Saudi Arabia on October 11-16.

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Brazil and Argentina are participating in the tournament.

Argentina's D-18-Lautaro Martinez, 53-Roberto Alberraira, 82-82 German Bezilla, and Gervi finished fourth in the 92nd minute.

The defensive performance dominated the performance of the Iraqi team under the leadership of the new Slovenian coach Katanic.

Saudi Arabia will play Brazil, Saudi Arabia with Iraq on October 15 and Brazil with Argentina on October 16.

Argentina sweeps Iraq quadruple in the quadripartite session
The Argentinians swept Iraq 4-0 in Saudi Arabia's friendly quadruple on Thursday.

Argentina and Iraq are participating in the friendly tournament, which includes hosts Saudi Arabia and Brazil.

Lautaro Martinez, Roberto Pereira, Germain Pizzilla and Franco Serve scored in the 18th, 53rd, 82nd and 90th minutes.

Brazil are expected to play against Saudi Arabia on Friday.

And then face Argentina in the Super Classico next Tuesday, corresponding to the 16th of October.

Argentina beat Iraq by quarter in Saudi Arabia friendly

The Argentine team won a big victory at the expense of the Iraqi team with a clean four in the framework of the Saudi international friendly.

The Argentinian team started in the 18th minute with Lautaro Martinez and Tango scored the second goal in the 53rd minute by Roberto Pereira.

In the 82nd minute, Germain Pizzilla added the third goal and Franco Serve finished the Argentine team in the 90th minute.

Saudi Arabia play Brazil on Friday in their second friendly in the Kingdom.