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Juventus make a valuable win over Manchester United in the Champions League

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ملخص مباراة يـ ـوفنتـ ـوس ومـ ـانشـ ـستر يـ ـونـ ـايـ ـتد 1-0 - مباراة مجنوونة جدا 🔥

Juventus scored nine points in Group H, while Manchester United were fourth at the top of the table, Valencia came third with two points and Young Boys scored 1-0.

The first half saw a clear advantage for Juventus in terms of control and possession of the ball, before Juve scored the goal of Paulo DiBala after a cross from Cristiano. Debala reached the net.

The Juventus fired a ball from inside the penalty area, but Di Khaya put it away. Cristiano fired a superb free kick from Di Chia, followed by Matudei, but De Guia pulled it back to the end of the first half with Juventus advancing 1-0.

The second half of the match saw little opportunity between Cristiano and Cristiano, but Di Chia grabbed it in the 50th minute. Puja almost equalized, but Cesene saved his goal, ending with a 1-0 win over Juve.