'AL-Fateh' and 'AL-Ittihad' (2-0) Match Goals & HighLights SPL

Goals match Highlight 'Al-Fateh' and 'Al-Ittihad' (2-0) Comments 'Fahad Al-Otaibi'

Under the eyes of Bilic .. A new defeat of the Jeddah Union in front of the opening .

هدف الفتح الأول ضد الاتحاد (عبدالقادر الوسلاتي) في الجولة 5 من دوري كأس الأمير محمد بن سلمان

هدف الفتح الثاني ضد الاتحاد (منصور حمزي) في الجولة 5 من دوري كأس الأمير محمد بن سلمان

Jeddah's league is lagging behind in the last Saudi professional league

The Jeddah League suffered a new defeat in the Saudi professional league, in front of the opening, in round 5, two goals without a response, increasing the pain of the masses.

Jeddah did not achieve any win from the first season, where he got a single point of 5 rounds played, most recently the face of conquest.

And the presence of Slavin Bilic, the new manager of the Federation of Jeddah in the stands, where he will take charge in the next game of the Saudi league.

Abdulkader Al Waslati scored the first goal of the opening in the 26th minute with a powerful shot from outside the penalty area to the right of Assaf Al Qarni, guard of the Jeddah federation.

In the 63rd minute Ziad received a red card to leave the match and unable to return to the match.

Mansour Hamzi added the second goal of the opening in the eighth minute of stoppage time, where the referee counted 10 minutes in lost time.

The league is only one point behind the league, while Al Fath has risen to six points in seventh place on a temporary basis.