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Arsenal impose a draw on Liverpool at the Premier League

 Arsenal scored a draw against Liverpool on Saturday at the Emirates Stadium in the 11th round of the English Premier League with a 1-1 draw. Arsenal raised the lead to 23 points in fourth place temporarily.

ملخص مباراه ليــفربــول وارســنــال 1-1 - مباراه مجنونة تألق صــلااح - رؤوف خليف

ملخص مباراة ليفہربہول وارسہناال 1-1 - جنوون رؤوف خليف وتألق صہلاح

The first half of the game was quick from the side of the capital, with Lakazit almost to snatch an early goal after a cross from the left wing, but Alison confronted it in the third minute, and then sent Robertson a cross ball to put the defender into a corner, In the penalty area Alison pulled her into a corner that was not used in the 13th minute.

In the 15th minute, Arsenal came close to scoring after a cross from the left and then a header from Machitarian in the middle of a misguided exit from Alesson but the ball came close to the goal. Liverpool scored the goal after a cross from Salah, In the net, but the goal is the goal of the wrong infiltration.

Liverpool were able to score the goal after a ball from Salah to Van Dyk who received the ball and fired but Lino extended the ball in the minute "22", Salah fired a ball from inside the penalty area hit the defense and then followed by Robertson with a rebound Lino struggled barely in the minute "23 "Collasenyak sent a dangerous cross that Alison narrowly missed.

Lazazet almost scored the goal after a superb ball from Ozil before sending a ball past the post, Arsenal scored the first goal but the referee went through the break in the 40th minute, Liverpool missed a goal after a cross from a free-kick directly around Van Daek header but In the right-footer of the goalkeeper Lyon in the "45", to end the first half after 0-0.

In the second half of the game, Mohammed Salah shot from inside the penalty area but the defense intervened and removed the ball, and then responded to Arsenal after a ball headed by Makhtaryan into the penalty area, but the dick removed the ball in front of him in the minute "50", almost Liverpool to grab a goal The first after a ball reached Ferminho in the penalty area but goalkeeper Lino grabbed the ball.

Liverpool scored a first goal in the 61st minute after a cross from Manny, who was led by James Minler, who fired a shot from inside the box in the net, Torre almost equalized but Allison put the ball into the corner in the 63rd minute. Then Makhtaryan stepped out and entered Ayyubi instead, sending a passing Salah passing in front of Mani strangely.

Then came Obamyang and replaced him in the 72nd minute. In the 72nd minute, Van Dyck almost scored a second goal after a cross from the corner of the Dutchman's head with the keeper behind him. Ferminho then went into Shakiri. As Kolasinak came out and entered Welbeck, Arsenal scored the equalizer Alexandra Lakazit came in from the home side to make the score 1 - 0 after a long-range pass from Alesson.

In the 87th minute, Arsenal striker Hector Pelerin fired a superb volley from the penalty spot, but the ball went down the goal. Arsenal's attempts continued in the middle of a drop from Liverpool and then Mohammed Salah came out and replaced Mattip in the "90 + 4" , To end after the meeting with a positive draw between the two teams built 1 - 1.