Juventus vs Valencia ( 1-0 ) ⚡ Match & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Juventus reach the final of the Champions League by beating Valencia
Juventus have qualified for the Champions League final after beating Valencia 1-0 In the fifth round of the group stage held at Juventus stadium.

ملح۬ص مباراة ېوڧـ۔ـنٺۄس وڧـ۔ـالڼسېا 1-0 اسيست عالمى لرۄنـ۔ـالدۄ

The old team increased their points to 12 points to secure the lead, while Valencia were stuck at 5 points in the third round, to lose any chances after Manchester United beat Swiss side Young Boys.

The Valencia team closed well in the first half and the Juventus failed to threaten the Spaniards' goal with real attacks. Valencia's most dangerous attempts were scored by Danish striker Daniel Vass and Dokapi's header.

In the 59th minute, Joao Cansillo played the ball for Cristiano Ronaldo to the left of the box to spur Ronaldo out of the box and pass the ball to Mario Mandzukic in front of the goal to put it in the net to score the winner.