France Vs Iceland ( 4-0 ) Match Goals & HighLights ⭐ UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying

The French team won a great victory over the Icelandic, with four clean goals, in the qualifying for the Nations Cup Europe 2020.

ملخص مباراة فــر نـســا وا يـســلـنـدا 4-0 / مبارة قوية وممتعة / جنون روؤف خليف

The French team raised their points to 6 points equally with the Turkish team in the top of Group H of qualifying for Euro 2020.

France's Samuel Omtiti, Olivier Giroux, Kélien Mbabé and Antoine Grizmann scored the winner in the 12th, 68th, 78th and 84th minutes respectively.

The French team continues to shine since the 2016 Euro, and continued to shine for the 2018 World Cup and won the tournament at the expense of the Croatian team in the final.