Nahdat Berkane and Club Sfaxien ( 3-0 ) Match Goals & HighLights - CAF Confederation Cup

Morocco's Nahdet Volcano blew up a surprise by beating Tunisia's CS Sfaxien 3-0 at home to the African Confederation Cup semi-final.

ملخص نهضة بركان و الصفاقسي 3-0 تأهل النهضة التاريخي - الكنفدرالية الافريقية

The volcano's three goals were scored by Laba Kudjo in the 8th minute of a penalty kick, Omar Asmawi in the 19th minute and then in Kosovo in the 31st minute.

With this victory Nahdha Barkan qualify for the Confederation Cup final for the first time in its history, and the match awaits the match against Zamalek and the Sahelian star soon after.