Crazy Match "Liverpool" 3-3 "Arsenal"

marathon Match between "Arsenal Vs Liverpool" end with a draw '3-3' on Friday Night, Opening of The 19th Round of The Premier League.

Match Goals

The match came from both sides, with Liverpool advancing with a goal by 'Philippe Coutinho' in the 26' minute, The Egyptian 'Mohamed Salah' who managed to add the second goal in the 52' minute.

After all thought that the match was in favor of Liverpool, Arsenal managed to return to meet ''Alexis Sanchez's'' goal in 53' minute and then added 'Granit Chaka' equalizer in the 56' minute before 'Massoud Ozil' scored the third goal for Arsenal in the 57' minute, but 'Roberto Fermino' scored the equalizer To Liverpool in the 71' minute.

'Salah' has been promoted to the top scorer in the English Premier League this season after lifting his goal to 15 goals in the league. 'Salah' also raised his goal with Liverpool to 21 goals in 27 games played with the team in various local and continental competitions.

Liverpool moved up to 35 points in fourth place and Arsenal raised 34 points to fifth.

The draw is Liverpool's eighth in the season against nine wins and two games. The draw is Arsenal's fourth in the season against 10 wins and five games.

Liverpool drew three goals against Arsenal in the first round of the English Premier League.

Liverpool striker Philippe Coutinho scored the first goal in the 28th minute with a pass by Egyptian star Mohamed Salah.

Mohammed Salah scored the second goal in the 52nd minute, while Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez scored the first goal against Liverpool 53 minutes, and Arsenal's Shaka scored a second goal against Liverpool 56 minutes later.

Arsenal's Massoud Ozil added a third goal against Liverpool in the 58th minute, while Liverpool's Roberto Fermino scored the third goal against Arsenal in the 71st minute.

With this result Liverpool's rise to the point 35 and occupies fourth place, While Arsenal are up to 34th and fifth.

It is worth mentioning that Mohamed Elnani, the star of the Egyptian team and professional in the ranks of Arsenal sat on the bench and did not participate.

It is mentioned that Liverpool professional within its ranks the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah occupies fourth place in the English League place with a score of 34 points, surpassing one point difference on arsenal, which includes the International Egyptian Mohamed الننى, the owner of the fifth place with a difference of one point.

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