The Catalan giants strengthen the gap by winning a deserved victory in the Classico on the 17th round of the Spanish league
Barcelona beat Real Madrid at Clasico in the 17th round of the Spanish league this season with a 3-0 win over the Catalan giants at the Bernabeu.

Match Goals

The danger was initially present from the royal club where Don Cristiano Ronaldo scored a white goal from the infiltration of the second minute, the owners continued to pressure the Catalan guest until the 15th minute of that half.

Barcelona then tried to get into the game and the players took the ball in a few minutes until Messi managed to make a great pass by Paulinho but Nafas brilliantly tackled the first half hour with a goalless draw.

In the last quarter-hour of the first half, the Catalan giants were glowing and some form of danger to the Royal defenses, but the owners of the ground carried out some attacks on Stijn's goal, most notably the header Benzema, which hit the left.

The first half ended with a goalless draw, and in the second half the Catalans managed to control the game and grabbed the ball until Suarez managed to score the first goal in the 54th minute.

The start of the attack was a start from Rakić and a pass to Sergi Roberto, who passed the crossbar to Suarez to put his mark on the first goal.

The Catalan domination continued until Messi managed to pass a crucial ball to Suarez, who shot the winner in the first goal, but Nafas blocked it and Paulineo fired it back, but was dealt with by hand to receive a red card.

Messi managed to score the second goal for the Belgians from the penalty spot 64 minutes of the game.

French coach Zinedine Zidane made the three changes, pushing Bencheshau, Bel and Ascencio in place of Benzema, Covacic and Kasmero.

The Royal dominated the ball after the relays, but German goalkeeper Terje Stegen gave Gareth Bell a 77th minute.

Barcelona beat Real Madrid 3-0 in the 17th round of the Spanish league.

The Catalan giants Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi and Alex Vidal scored in the 54th, 64th and 93rd minutes.

In the 63rd minute, Danny Carafagal, the right-back, secured the red card on the red card, further complicating his team's position.

With this win, Barcelona lifted their lead to 45 points in the first place, while Real Madrid remained fourth with 31 points.

Barcelona were able to score the result of the Clasico against Real Madrid 3-0 on Saturday in the confrontations of the 17th round of the Spanish league football.
Uruguayan Luis Suarez (54), Lionel Messi (64) and Alexei Vidal (93) scored Barcelona's goals.

Barcelona are top of the league with 45 points away 14 points from Real Madrid with 31 points (they have a game in hand).

Messi is the top scorer in the Spanish league with 15 goals.

The third consecutive win for Barcelona in the stronghold of Real, for the first time in the history of their encounters, while maintaining a record of unbeaten this season.

The meeting between Royal Real, which is linked to the Spanish authorities, and Barcelona, ​​which embodies the Catalan identity of independence, has long been regarded as a symbolic confrontation between centralism and nationalism.

The symbolism doubled in Saturday's match after the political crisis that gripped the country as a result of a referendum on self-determination in Catalonia in October despite opposition from Madrid and the subsequent arrests and dismissals of the regional government and its president, Carles Bouchemon, who had taken refuge in Belgium.

Real Madrid and Barcelona match details

The start of the Clasico Land match between Real Madrid and Barcelona

02' A canceled goal for Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo in an offside position

11' German Kroes puts Ronaldo in a special place to shake the nets of Barcelona, ​​but the latter lost his balance and concentration and did not realize the ball

Real Madrid better than Barcelona at the beginning of the Clasico Earth (20 minutes)

30' Messi sends a great pass to Paulinho who shot a powerful shot and goalkeeper Navas was outstanding

32' Ronaldo leaks from the side of Sergei Roberto and crosses the ball beyond the German Ter Stegen

39' A wonderful double between Iniesta and Messi and the last passes a wonderful cross for Paulinho, but the last head away from Navas

42' Benzema misses the way of the net and his ball finds the left side

The end of the first half between Real Madrid and Barcelona draw a draw

The start of the second half of the Clasico face the ground

53' Suarez is shot in the arms of Navas

54' Rakechić signs the pitch and delivers a shot from Roberto to Suarez, who scored the first goal (1-0)

64' Carvajal is sent off with a red card, and Messi adds Barcelona's second goal to a 2-0 penalty

80' The Portuguese Simido is unique but he misses the net

93' Alexei Vidal receives a superb pass from Messi and scores the third goal (3-0)

The end of the Clasico match of the land with the victory of Barcelona on Real Madrid 3-0

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