"Real Madrid" Vs "Valencia" 4-1 Match HighLight & Goals! LaLiga

Real Madrid vs Valencia goals in the Spanish league

Real Madrid crushed Valencia 4-1 in the 21st round of the Spanish league.Ronaldo scored two goals 16', 38', with Marcelo and Tony Crosse scoring in the 84' and 89' minutes.With this win, Real have raised their points to 38 points, finishing fourth, two points behind Valencia.

Real Madrid rose after a long slumber and returned from Valencia's Mestalla Stadium with three points after a 4-1 win in the round to end the period of doubt that accompanied them recently.

Real Madrid made a very good first run but it fell in the second half, allowing Valencia to repeatedly concede, but the bats exhausted their physical energy and could not adjust the score, allowing Real to return and score two goals.

Real Madrid came in the first half with a penalty kick by Cristiano Ronaldo in the 15th and 36th minutes, while referees in Spain praised the validity of the penalty shots.

But Valencia's strong return in the second half resulted in Santiago Mena scoring the goal in the 59th minute with a header.

After a barrage of opportunities for the bat, Real scored the third goal through Brazilian Marcelo after an enviable 84-minute effort, before Tony Crosse boosted the lead with a fourth goal in the 89th minute.

Real Madrid wakes up from the inside of the hell of Mestalla

The Royal Club returns to the right track with an important win over Valencia in the 21st round of the Spanish league

Real Madrid beat Valencia in the 21st round of the Spanish league this season with a 4-1 win at the Mestalla Al Sadd stadium.

Since the start of the game, the risk has appeared on both sides. In one of the club's attacks, Cristiano Ronaldo suffered a injury but managed to continue. In another attack, the Argentine defender was about to cost his team a goal but the bat guard shone in front of Gareth Bell's shot.

The home side took control of the ball and after 10 minutes Valencia almost scored the first goal but the shot was a bit high.

With 16 minutes of impressive rebound from the Royal Club, Don Ronaldo gets a penalty and scored 1-0.

The bats' attempts to tie the game continued but the defenders of the Royal Club and goalkeeper Navas managed to deal with the attacks. Half an hour later, the result was in the favor of Almernji Madrid.

With 33 minutes played, the visitors could have scored the equalizer, but the shot was not strong from a corner in front of the goal so Navas could easily catch it.

Benzema got another penalty for the Royal Club 38 minutes and Ronaldo managed to re-register to make the score 2-0 and ends the first half.

In the second half of the game, the pressure was so high that Sante Mena managed to score a goal to reduce the gap by 59 minutes.

Valencia's attempts continued amidst a superb performance by keeper Kellor Navas, who in the 64th minute managed a dangerous shot.

Under pressure from the bat, the club managed to control the ball and form the danger in the last few minutes, and in the 84th minute Brazilian Marcelo managed to score the third goal after a great pass from Asencio.

Before the game ended, the club managed to score the fourth goal with Tony Croce's 89th minute, to lose the bat completely.

The match ended with the result of reaching the club's 38th place but remains in fourth place while Valencia remain fourth with 40 points.

Real Madrid to escape Valencia's trap in the Spanish league

MADRID, Spain (AP) - Real Madrid beat Valencia 4-0 on Saturday at the Mestalla Stadium at the top of the 21st round of the Spanish Liga.

Summary and goals of the match between Real Madrid and Valencia in the Spanish league
Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal for Real Madrid with a penalty in the 16th minute, then added a second penalty kick in the 38th minute.

Ronaldo scored a new record after becoming the most penalty player in the history of the Spanish league with 61 goals, and raised his score to 101 goals through penalties during his career with titles and achievements, including 94 goals with clubs and 7 in the Portuguese team.

Sante Mena managed to reduce the lead after 58 minutes.

Brazilian left-back Marcelo scored the third goal for Real Madrid in the 84th minute, and Tony Crosse ended the game in the 88th minute.

Real Madrid close to third place in the Spanish league
With this result, Real are raising their points to 38 points, which remained fourth in the table of the Spanish league table, just two points behind third-placed Valencia, with a match for the Royal team against Legianis deferred.

Real Madrid have also narrowed their gap with Barcelona's traditional rivals Barcelona to 16 points. The Catalan team, who meet Deportivo Alaves on Sunday evening, have 54 points.

The game saw a bad shot from the French striker Karim Benzema, who was upset by the change by throwing the coat after Marco Ascencio took his place in the 78th minute.

Real Madrid fans
Real Madrid succeeded in reconciling their fans with this victory, especially after the fierce attack by the fans on the French team led by French coach Zinedine Zidane in recent times, especially after the humiliating defeat of Legianis last Wednesday, which knocked the Meringue from the quarter-finals of the King's Cup.

Real Madrid break Valencia in fourth in the Mestalla

Real Madrid won an important win by beating Valencia 4-1 in their match at the Mestalla Stadium in the 21st round of the Liga.

Real Madrid scored Cristiano Ronaldo's 16th and 38th minute penalty, Marcelo in the 84th minute, then Crosso in the 89th minute, while Sante Mina scored Valencia in the 59th minute with a header.

The team's 38 points rise and remain in fourth place, with the bat at 40 points in third place.

Real Madrid crosses Valencia in a league in the Spanish league .. Video

Real Madrid have won a deserved victory over Valencia in a quarter against a single goal In the match that brought the two teams on the stadium of the Mestaya, in the round of the 21st round of the Spanish Premier League.

Real Madrid opened the scoring by Cristiano Ronaldo from a penalty kick in the 15th minute.

Cristiano Ronaldo added the second goal in the 37th minute from a penalty after a violent intervention from Valencia player Karim Benzema inside the penalty area.

Valencia's only goal came in the 59th minute by Santiago Mina after receiving a pair of shots from his teammate who jumped on the back and sent a powerful header to net Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas to narrow the gap with the club.

Marcelo managed to score the third goal in Real Madrid in the 83rd minute after receiving a wonderful pass immediately on the net against goalkeeper Valencia, announcing the third goal of the king.

Tony Crosse managed to score the fourth goal of the Royal Club with a great tactical combination with Marcelo and Gareth Bell in the 90th minute

Match HighLight

Cristiano Ronaldo leads Real Madrid to defeat Valencia

Real Madrid beat Valencia 4-0 in a Primera Liga match on Saturday.

The Royal Club entered the game with the following form: "Navas, Carvajal, Faran, Nacho, Marcelo, Casimiro, Crosse, Luka Modric, Gareth Bell, Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo."

The game started with all the strength on both sides to search for the first goal.

In the 16th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal from Real Madrid.

The same player returned in the 38th minute and scored the second goal of the penalty box as well.

The first half ended with a 2-0 victory over the visitors.

In the second half, 58 minutes into the game, Santi Mina managed to score the first goal.

At the 84th minute Marcelo scored the third goal for Real Madrid.

Tony Crosse scored the fourth goal in the 89th minute.

The result is Real Madrid's 38th place in fourth place, with Valencia at 40th in third place.

Real Madrid regain pride in the fourth in the net Valencia and dismantle the knot "Mestaya"

Real Madrid burst in the face of Valencia in his home in Bastia Four goals against a goal in the round 21 of the Spanish league.

Zinedine Zidane regained his pride against Valencia after breaking out of the Cup last Wednesday against Legianis after losing 2-1 at home.

Ronaldo made the first goal in the 16th minute of the penalty, and then the world's best player realized the second goal in the 38th minute of a penalty awarded by Karim Benzema.

Santiago Mia reduced the gap to Valencia in the 59th minute with a perfect header.

Marcelo spent all the hopes of the bat in the 84th minute with a shot in the back, before Tony Crosse wrapped up the goals in the 88th minute after several assists.

Real Madrid broke the knot of the stadium "Mistaya" after 4 years during which the Royal team failed to achieve any victory over Valencia in his home.

The win lifted Real Madrid to 41 points to regain third place, one point behind Valencia, who dropped to fourth.

Real Madrid to beat Valencia with four points

Real Madrid were able to win four goals against Valencia in the match that brought the two teams at the stadium Mestaya in the twenty-first round of the Spanish league.

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal in Valencia's 16th minute, then the same player added the second goal 38 minutes, and Valencia's Santiago Mina scored the first goal against Real Madrid 59 minutes.

Real Madrid's Marcelo da Silva scored the third goal in the 84th minute against Valencia, and Tony Crosse finished with a fourth goal in the 89th minute.

MADRID (Reuters) - Real Madrid beat Valencia 4-1 on Saturday at the Estadio Estadio in the Round of 21.

Portugal international Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring in the 16th minute of a penalty, the same player doubled the score in the 38th minute from another penalty, and then Sante Mina narrowed the difference to Valencia in the 58th minute after a header in netting goalkeeper Navas,

 Before Marcelo scored the third goal in the 84th minute after the exchange of passes with Asencio and then shot and netted, and concluded German international Tony Kroos scoring in the 89th minute, after scoring a goal on his own way down the left corner of the keeper.

With that result, Real lifted their lead to 38 points in fourth place, while Valencia were stuck at point 40 in third place.

Real Madrid explode and win a landslide victory over Valencia in La Liga

Real Madrid scored a deserved and valuable victory at the expense of Valencia, in the evening meeting on the floor of the stadium "Mestaya" 4-1 in the round of twenty-one of Allega, to raise the balance of Real Madrid to 38 points in fourth place and has a postponed meeting, While Valencia at 40 points in third place.

The first half of the game was relatively quiet between the two teams amid the superiority of Real Madrid in terms of control of the ball, and in the minute "7" Real Madrid to score the first goal after a cross from Carvalj and a defensive gap between the goalkeeper and defender to drop the ball from the goalkeeper to Bell Who fired a shot but goalkeeper Neto saved the ball twice on the save.

In the 9th minute, Valencia managed to score with a shot from Moreno just above the crossbar. In the 16th minute, Cristiano launched a quick rebound to pass the ball to Marcelo, who passed it to Benzema, who passed it to Cristiano Ronaldo. Defender Martin Montoya scored the first goal in the 16th minute.

Gareth Bell sent a cross to Cristiano but the defense kept the ball away. In the 24th minute, Valencia almost equalized after a superb shot from Gondogbia, who fired a superb shot past Navas brilliantly and in the 27th minute, Who fired a shot from inside the penalty area but was easy on the net.

In the 34th minute, Valencia sent a corner ball around Garay to Gondjobia, who fired a light shot. In the 37th minute, Benzema received a penalty against Montoya and Cristiano Ronaldo hit the ball. An easy chance, after which Guedes fired a powerful shot past Navas, ending the second half.

In the second half of the game, Valencia entered the force strongly seeking the goal of reducing the difference but the defenses of Real Madrid was in the lookout, and then fell Cristiano Ronaldo inside the penalty area but the referee asked to continue playing, and then received Benzema ball and then entered the penalty area and sent in the net outside, The Valencia player has a serious cross-ball that has not found a follower.

In the 59th minute, Valencia scored the first goal through Santiago Mena after a corner corner with a header, and Crosse sent a cross from the corner to keep the ball from the ball. By Parejo who hit the ball but Navas saved the ball brilliantly in the minute "66"

Real Madrid almost scored a third goal after a ball reached Bell who entered the penalty area and sent Cristiano's cross but the keeper saved them in the "68", then came out of the ball and entered instead of Vasquez, and continued the superiority of Valencia in the second half of the game amid retreat By Real Madrid, whose performance has dropped significantly in the first half.

In the 77th minute, Karim Benzema came in and replaced Marco Asencio. Ronaldo fired a powerful shot from a free-kick but just above the crossbar. Modric then sent a cross from Ronaldo's cross, but it was up to the corner and 83 minutes later Real scored a third goal Through (Marcelo) after a wonderful work with Asinso, to enter the penalty area and hit a ball in the net.

In the 88th minute, Real Madrid scored a fourth goal through Tony Crosse after a joint action between the Royal Stars to end a Covacic shot to Crosse, who fired a powerful shot from outside the area, Nieto, to end the meeting after the victory of Real Madrid 4-1.

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