"LIGANES" Terminate "REAL MADRID" From Copa Del Rey Final in Absence of 'C.Ronaldo'

Leganes will surprise Real Madrid from the quarter-finals of the King's Cup Spain. Real Madrid left the Spanish King's Cup after falling 2-1 against Legianis at Santiago Bernabeu, leaving the team with an away goal.

Real Madrid had a 1-0 win, but Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Tony Crosse were unable to climb.

The first real threat of the match came from a free-kick by Piazza Lefans, who hit keeper Kiko Kasia in the fourth minute.

The match remained calm until the 14th minute when Marco Asencio sent a cross from the left-hand corner around the green defense of the netting, returning to the usual calm amid the caution of the guests.

Irasu broke the silence in the 32nd minute, with a rocket shot at Real Madrid, after a mistake by Nacho in the dispersion of the ball from the areas of Real Madrid defense.

Real Madrid had many attempts to modify the score and draw in the draw before the end of the first half, especially through Asinso, who shot the ball came higher than the existing.

Legens' goal, which ended in the first half, was the result of the two matches. Karim Benzema managed to score the equalizer with a shot from above the keeper Lopez in the 48th minute, taking advantage of a pass from Lucas Vázquez.

The 56th minute gave the visitors a chance to advance and overturn the table on the white, with a goal from Gabriel Abelt, who scored a corner goal for a second goal and put the team ahead in the semi-finals.

In the 72nd minute, Aescu fired a shot from inside the box and came up from the post, and Karim Benzema almost adjusted the score from Karpakh's cross, but the goal was saved by the goalkeeper in the 80th minute, followed by a header from substitute Borja Mayoral passing by the right-hand side.

Liganes shocked Real Madrid fans when they beat the home side 2-1 in the quarterfinal of the King's Cup on Wednesday.

The two teams drew 2-2 aggregate but Liganes qualified for the semi-finals of the King's Cup with two goals on the Bernabeu.

Real Madrid's Karim Benzema (47), Liganes Iraasu (31) and Gabrielle (55) scored for Real Madrid.

There have been numerous attacks on Real Madrid this time through Ramos, who headed the head and found the goalkeeper Shambain goalkeeper.

Despite his special position, Benzema missed a golden opportunity to equalize the score and put his team on the brink of qualifying, but his shot was blocked by goalkeeper Neriu Champaign.

Liganes is looking for the knockout and Iraasu almost did, but his strong shot hit the Frenchman Teo and turned into a corner that did not produce anything.

The second goal of Liganes: Brazilian Gabrielle (captain) doubles the score for Liganes from a court.

Real Madrid equalizer: Karim Benzema goes into the defense of Liganes and raises the ball to goalkeeper Neriu Champagne, announcing the equalizer for the guests.

Real Madrid fans are looking forward to the start of the second period to see a good reaction from the French team Zinedine Zidane.

The end of the first period precedes the Legianis on the land of the Bernabeu.

- A nice spot from Claudio Piovo in the last minute of the first half but missed a goal for Cassia.

38: cross from Isco towards Benzema but the ball passed close to the head of the French despite his bold attempts.

31 goals scored for Liganes: Erawasu scored the first goal of a powerful shot that covered the goalkeeper Cassia.

After a quarter of an hour of confrontation, the hosts face a big club of Liganes, who has arrived more than once in the Real Madrid area, led by Marabit, Azhar and Beauvo.

- The first serious threat from Liganes after a foul carried out by the French Claudio Biovo but his ball hit the left-hand keeper of goalkeeper Cassia.

- referee Gilles Manzano gives the starting signal of the game

Real Madrid are in the quarterfinals of the King's Cup quarter-final against Liganes, and Zinedine Zidane's men have high hopes for the trophy, especially after their chances of defending the title have dwindled as they are fourth on 19 points behind leaders Barcelona.

Real Madrid have a draw in the game to secure a pass to the semi-final.

Zidane will take advantage of defender Sergio Ramos, who has recovered from injury, and Frenchman Karim Benzema, who played for minutes against Deportivo La Coruna.

Portugal coach Cristiano Ronaldo was the favorite after a strong injury to his eyes in the Deportivo Coruna match.

Despite the difficult task in the Bernabeu and underdevelopment with a goal without a response in the first leg, Liganes, who is in the quarterfinals for the first time in his history, is looking to play all his cards in order to surprise and win in the royal stronghold by at least two goals.

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