"AL-HiLaL" and "AL-ITTiHAD" Share AL-Kalasico Points

Al Hilal and Al Ittihad tied each other for the match at the King Fahad International Stadium in Riyadh on Saturday evening in the 17th round of the Saudi Professional League.

AL-HiLaL 1'st Goal

AL-ITTiHAD 1'st Goal

Bakr Al Hilal scored the first goal of the match through striker "substitute" Mokhtar Flattah in the 56th minute, and the Union managed to equalize through his Kuwaiti professional Fahad Al Ansari in the 64th minute, the Tunisian striker Ahmed Akashi missed a number of easy opportunity during the two stages of the game.

The game witnessed the first attendance of the families in the stadiums of the capital Riyadh, and the number of public attendance of the match 26,602 fans.

With this result Al Hilal rose to 36 points at the top of the league standings, while the Union rose to 24 points in fifth place.

Positive draw between Al Hilal and Saudi Arabia

The match between Al Ittihad and Al Hilal ended with a positive draw for each team in the Saudi Al-Kalasiko, which they collected at the King Fahad International Stadium in the 17th round of the Saudi Professional League.

Mokhtar Falata opened the scoring for Al Hilal in the 57th minute, before Fahd Al Ansari equalized for Al Ittihad in the 63rd minute.

Egypt's Mahmoud Kahra participated in the match with the entire federation. His teammate Akashi lost the chance of a goal when he failed to enter the empty goal in front of him.

Al Hilal have 35 points and Al Ittihad are fifth with 23 points.

Al-Habsi and Fawaz end a draw with Al-Kalasico

Ali Al Habsi, goalkeeper of Al Hilal and his counterpart Fawaz Al-Qarni, defended Al Ahran of Jeddah in the standings which ended in a 1-1 draw with an exciting classico held by King Fahad International Stadium in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

The first half saw great excitement from both teams with a semicircular advantage in the control and a great threat from the Union in counter-attacks.

The first of the chances of the Federation after 8 minutes after receiving his Tunisian striker Ahmed Akayishi a pass from his colleague Abdulrahman Al-Ghamdi to face the goal but was delayed in payment, which made defender Mohammed Jahfali away in the last minute.

There was another chance for the Union after a minute to the Tunisian striker Akashi, who reached the cross in front of the goal empty but failed to turn it into the net.

Al-Okishi continued his series of missed opportunities after receiving a pass from his Chilean colleague Carlos Villanueva to face the goal and pay them to find Omani goalkeeper Ali Al-Habsi, who was barely dealt with.

In the 11th minute, the Argentine coach Ramon Diaz was forced to make his first changes when striker Mokhtar Falata was substituted for the injured Omar Khirbin.

Al-Hilal's performance improved and Salem Al-Dosari was able to open the scoring when he fired a strong shot from outside the area to find goalkeeper Fawaz Al-Qarni, who had difficulty.

Al Hilal continued to be dangerous, and his Venezuelan striker Jillmin Rivas scored the first goal after rising to his teammate Mokhtar Falata to turn the ball over his head but it passed beside the right-hand guard Fawaz Al-Garni.

The danger of the Union and gave a serious opportunity to defender Ziad born to record the goal of the lead when he rose to the Chilean teammate Villanueva and around the ball head but found the goalkeeper Ali Habsi, who pushed her in the last minute.

Al Hilal responded quickly and Venezuelan striker Rivas almost shook goalkeeper Fawaz Al Qarni when he fired a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, but the latter narrowed it.

Before the end of the first half, Union defender Ziad Al-Mouallad continued to be dangerous when he took up the defenders of Al-Hilal and the cross of his Tunisian colleague Al-Okayshi with his head, but it passed beside the right-hand guard Ali Al-Habsi.

In the second half, the league continued to be dangerous and had a serious chance of attacking Ahmed Akashi, who missed an opportunity after receiving a pass from Fahd Al Muallad in front of the empty goal.

At the 57th minute, Al Hilal opened the scoring by attacking Mokhtar Falata, who turned his teammate Abdullah Atif into the net against goalkeeper Fawaz Al Qarni.

Al-Ittihad continued their attempts and enabled Fahad Al-Ansari to score the equalizer in the 63rd minute when he fired a powerful shot from outside the area to hit the defender Mohammed Jahfali and change direction and live in the net.

Al Hilal almost immediately reacted to the goal of the Union when Salem Al Dosari broke through the defense of the Union and sent a strong shot but hit the side net.

Al-Hilal continued to be dangerous and gave him a serious chance for his player Mohamed Knou, who rose to represent his Uruguayan colleague Nicolas Melesi and around the ball with his head but found the goalkeeper Fawaz Al-Qarni, who resisted.

Al-Hilal did not stop and the player Mohammed Kanoo scored the second goal after receiving a pass inside the area from his colleague Salim Al Dosari to face the goal and hit the ball strong but it hit the goalkeeper Fawaz Al-Qarni.

The series continues to waste opportunities and this time was the share of Venezuelan Rivas, who received a pass inside the penalty area of ​​his colleague Salim Al Dosari and shot the ball strong but goalkeeper Fawaz Al Qarni kept them in the last minute.

The Union regained its vitality and began attacking goalkeeper goalkeeper Ali Al-Habsi. His Egyptian striker Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim "Electrated" to score the second goal when he shot a strong shot from outside the penalty area, but hit the crossbar.

Before the end of the game minute Union goalkeeper Fawaz Al-Qarni saved his team from the goal of the investigator after his response to the head of Al-Hilal player Mohamed Kano to end the game with a 1-1 draw.

The result of the Crescent rose to 36 points in the first place and two points behind Ahly Jeddah runner-up, and the balance of the Union to 24 points in fifth place temporarily.

Result and summary of the goals of Al Hilal and Al Ittihad on Saturday 13/1/2018 in the Saudi professional league

Al-Hilal responded with a goal of Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim's goal of "Kherba" against the two teams in the 17th round of the Saudi Professional League.

With the teams tied for each team, the lines of the Hilal defense opened and a ball on the border of the region was turned into electrification.

He fired a very strong ball and rebounded from the bar and then fell, but the goalkeeper Ali Al Habsi turned around to the corner.

He was a key fixture until the end of the game, but failed to score a goal at the Saudi Clasico.

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