"Saudi" draw with "Iraq" in Asian Cup under 23 years

The Iraqi Olympic and Saudi Arabia draw a negative draw on Saturday In a match played for the second round of Group C of the Asian Cup in China, to postpone the resolution of the cards qualifying for the quarter-finals, with the fortunes of all the teams of the group, especially the three Arab Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Match Highlight

"The Iraqi Olympic started the game with a variety that tends to close defensive outlets rather than attacking, when they played forward with one striker, Ibrahim Baish, who was not originally an outspoken striker. So the match started with a big reservation from the Iraqi side," he said. Saudi Arabia in the same way,

 The first half of the first half did not see pressure on the two goals, and the concentration of the game in the middle of the stadium, so the fun was absent because of the absence of opportunities for the goals of the two teams, and was the first Iraqi threat in the 27th minute through an attack led by Alaa Mahawi stabilized the ball at the Saudi goalkeeper Amin Bukhari,

 And with the opportunity to attend, but the half was dull, in the absence of real opportunities, and a mandatory break for Iraqi and Saudi guards and a negative end for the first half.

"In the second half of the game, the situation changed when the Iraqi team started attacking and tried to pressure in the field of Saudi Arabia, which closed the defensive outlets and reduced the chances of threat on his own, and over time, the difficulty on the Iraqi team to find solutions to decipher the Saudi defense code, Saudi Arabia seems to want a draw that keeps their chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals, and achieved it until the end with a 0-0 draw.

With this tie, the Iraqi Olympic kept the top of Group C with 4 points, with two points for Saudi Arabia and Jordan and one point for Malaysia.