"Chelsea" and "Barcelona" 1-1 C.L Match MighLight

Messi has thwarted Willian's goal to end the first leg between Chelsea and Barcelona with a positive draw at Stamford Bridge waiting for the Camp Nou. The return leg is set for March 14 to determine who is qualified for the quarter-finals.

Match Goals & HighLight

The Brazilian wing was a source of great danger throughout the match and the striker responded on two occasions during the first half.

Five quirks in the first half influenced the whole Barcelona team towards Willian with the goal of Chelsea before Messi.

The sixth goal of the Brazilian from the penalty area of ​​the nine out of nine Brazilian player and the tenth goal in the last 15 games crowned his effort throughout the game.

Willian fired four shots on goal and made four chances to score, making six successful dribbles.

It may be confusing to choose the worst between Rachic, Paulinho, Alba and Suarez by Barcelona or Pedro by Chelsea.

The choice was made for Ivan Rakic, who not only did not make the offensive addition but also made a big mistake in defense duties.

Raketic He did not hit a shot on the goal and only made one chance and played four cross balls with only one right, and on the defensive did not draw any ball or frustrate an attack for Chelsea and received a yellow card.