France and Argentina 4-3 Crazy Match Goal & HighLight 2018 World Cup

Summary Result of the match against Argentina and France 3-4 France qualifies for the quarter-finals and Argentina to deposit the World Cup. France beat Argentina 4-3 on Saturday in the opening round of the 16th round of the World Cup at Kazan Arena.

Match Goals & HighLights

France, Antoine Grizmann, Benjamin Pavard and Kilian Mbabe scored twice in the 13th minute, 57, 64 and 68, while Argentina's Angel Di Maria, Gabriel Mercado and Sergio Aguero scored in the 41st, 48th and 93rd minutes.

The French team qualified for the quarter-finals, waiting for the winner of the match against Uruguay and Portugal, while Lionel Messi's dream of winning the World Cup was lost during his fourth World Cup.

The most dangerous were the first half, and they threatened Argentina with three straight-kick attempts. Grizmann hit the crossbar in the first half. Four minutes later, Kylian Mbabey set off quickly to force Marcos Rojo to block him inside the box.

Di Maria successfully hit the right-hand corner on Armani's right, and then the Argentinian defense barricaded a new foul on the edge of the box.

The Argentinian team came in late, trying to score a goal with a shot from Iber Paniga and Gabriel Mercado on the right, without danger.

Before the first half, Ever Paniga scored the ball for Angel de Maria Marle from the control of the edge of the box, to surprise everyone with a powerful shot that settled the left scissors for Hugo Lauris, scoring a tie to the Tango in perfect time.

At the start of the second half, Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli made his first substitution with Federico Vazio, replacing Marcus Rojho, to avoid Manchester United being sent off.

A dribble from Di Maria on the right-hand side of France led to a free kick, but the defense failed to miss Messi, who tried to hit the goal but Gabrielle Mercado turned the ball over to Loris for the second goal.

In the 56th minute, Federico Fazio made a blunder with Armani that cost Argentina a second goal, but Grzemann refused the offer. A few seconds later Lucas Hernandez left the ball on the left and played with a superb shot in the right scissor.

From a new start to Hernandez's cross-ball, Matudei met her in the bodies of Argentina's defenders to bounce back to Mbabi to spur and hit the goal for the third goal.

Sampaioli moved on to the second, with Sergio Aguero taking the place of Enzo Perez. However, French influence continued from a quick counter-attack. The ball quickly moved between Kanti, Grizman and Girou and reached Mababi alone in the net. Jiro missed a clear chance from outside .

Corinthine Toleso took Matwede's place, and Sambauli made his final move by involving Maximilano Meza in the place of Pavon, but to no avail with the exception of a light shot in Lorees's lap.

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