Brazil and Serbia 2-0 Match Goal & HighLight 2018 World Cup

World Cup 2018 .. Brazil officially qualify for the role of the 16th double in Serbia

Brazil officially qualified for the 16th round of the World Cup after beating Serbia 2-0 on Wednesday in Atkrit Arena in the third round of the group stage of the 2018 World Cup.

Match Goals

Brazil's Paulinho scored the winning goal in the 36th minute from Philipp Coutinho's magic pass and Samba Thiago Silva's second goal in the 68th minute gave Serbia a powerful header.

With this result Brazil is in top scorer in Group E, qualifying for the 16th round of the World Cup and Serbia with 3 points in third place.

A Wonderful Man - A Disappointed Man Brazil vs Serbia

Brazil climbed to the Round of 16 next to Switzerland.

The Brazilian team won a valuable win over Serbia, with two straight goals, where they finished top of Group F in the World Cup with seven points and Switzerland.

The two goals were scored by Paulinho, who was alone in the guard, and second by Tiago Silva, from Neymar's head.

Now Brazil will meet Mexico in the Round of 16, while Switzerland will meet Sweden.

A wonderful man - Philippe Coutinho

He is undoubtedly Brazil's best player in the current tournament, scoring in the previous two games, and today he also passed a brilliant and smart ball to Paulinho, who was neatly placed in a goal.

Coutinho always proves that if he plays in his favorite place he will be the best player, Philippe offers a great level in 10th place, and do not forget the binaries between him and Neymar.

He scored 80 minutes, made a goal, made 3 assists, made two chances of scoring, passed the ball 50 times, and the success rate was 90%, in the diodes out of 6 out of 11, possibly the Coutinho championship.

Malicious man - Milenkoevich Savic

The 23-year-old Serbian midfielder thought everyone would offer great levels in the World Cup, even increasing his price on the transfer market, but he did not come to Russia.

His pass rate was 80%, he did not pay the goal and in the duets he succeeded in 7 out of 17.

Brazil to get Serbia out of the World Cup

Brazil beat Serbia 2-0 on Wednesday in the third round of Group E of the World Cup.

Brazil's 7-point win was the top spot, while Serbia's 3-point win came in third.

Paulinho scored the first goal for Selsao in the 36th minute.

Brazil will meet Mexico with a win over Serbia

Brazil beat Mexico in the final of the World Cup finals in Russia after the Group B with seven points.

This came after the Sampa beat Serbia 2-0 on Wednesday evening in the third round of the group stage.

Brazil waited until the 36th minute to score the lead through Paulinho.

And in the second half without Tiago Silva goal of the second Celsao in the 68th minute.

Serbia called the tournament after its 3-point deficit in third place.

Brazil beat Serbia 2-0 and qualify for the second round

Brazil beat Switzerland 2-0 in the third round of the 2018 World Cup.

Brazil have taken possession of the ball since the beginning of the match, while Serbia have relied on counter-attacks and cross-balls that were successfully dealt with by Alesson goalkeeper Brazil.

The first serious attempt was from Brazil after an incursion from Neymar inside the penalty area with the help of Gabriel Jesus before the first shot and the Swiss keeper managed to tackle it in the 25th minute.

Gabriel Jesús went into the penalty area 29 minutes into the penalty area and dribbled the Swiss defender before paying off and the other defender managed to tackle the ball and turn into a corner kick.

In the 34th minute, Mitrovic missed the opportunity to score the first goal of Serbia after receiving a cross to pay directly into the penalty area, but the crossbar.

In the 36th minute, Philippe Coutinho crossed the ball into the penalty area for Paulinho, who shot in the net against Serbia, to end the first half with Brazil advancing 1-0.

In the 57th minute, Neymar almost scored the second goal, but the Serbian keeper blocked his shot. Mitrovic failed to exploit Alesson's mistake, but the ball bounced off his head and sent the ball home, but Brazil's defense saved the ball in the 60th minute.

The Serbian team then launched several successive attacks against Brazil, but the elation of the Silesao players prevented him from equalizing.

In the 68th minute, Tiago Silva managed to add the second goal with a header after a good corner-kick and Serbia tried to salvage what could be saved, but found a huge defense from the Seleção.

The Brazilians wasted time and time again, led by Neymar, who wasted several attacks in front of the goal to end the match with a 2-0 win over Samba.

Brazil qualified for the Round of 16 with a 7-0 lead, while Serbia gave the World Cup three points.

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