'ALGERIA' vs 'BENIN' ( 2-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & High Lights 🏆 2019 ACNQ

With Algeria's minimum effort, Benin has two goals

The Algerian team reaches the seventh point at the top of his group

The Algerian team won an important victory, Benin account for two goals without a response in the framework of the matches of the third round of qualifying for the next African Nations Cup.

ملخص الجزائر وبنين 2-0 اصعب مباراة عالجزائر - الحكم يحتسب هدف بونجاح التسلل

The Algerian team started the meeting strongly and pressure and took control of the course, although it is a negative control and did not threaten the goal of guests on rare occasions.

The goal of the first Algerian team, came in the 21st minute by Rami Ben-Sveni, after a corner kick by Riad Mehrez and then confusion within the area of ​​the box, to take advantage of bin seventy position and put the ball in the net.

The game was played off after the goal of the first-tier holders, to limit the playing in the midfield without threatening either goal.

The Algerian team began the second half, in case of looking for the second goal to secure progress. Indeed, the attacker led Baghdad Boungah attack Algeria, and the most dangerous chances of the second half in the 60th minute after a cross from Bongah to Riad Mehrez, but the defense succeeds in drawing the ball.

A quarter of an hour before the end of the match, Baghdad Bo fired a shot of mercy on Benin, a second goal after the player alone to put the ball in the net to the left of the keeper.

Algeria are seventh in the group, three points behind second-placed Benin, while Gambia and Togo are third and fourth respectively.
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