FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid ( 5-1 ) 🔥 Crazy Match 🔥 Goals & HighLights El Clásico

Barcelona crush Real Madrid by five in the Camp Nou . The Clasico

Barcelona, who beat Real Madrid in the Clasico, was held on Sunday at the Camp Nou stadium with a 5-1 victory over Real Madrid in the tenth round of the Primera Liga. Points in the lead, while the balance of the team Real Madrid at point 14 in the ninth 

ملخص كامل لمباراة بـرشـلـونـة ورريال مـدرريـد 5-1🔥جنوووون عصام الشوالي🔥 كلاسيكو الارض

The first half of the game was a quick one from Barcelona's home side and the crowd in the midst of a decline from Real Madrid's players. Bill sent a cross from the left side to Benzima, who scored above the goal and Barcelona scored the goal by Philippe Coutinho. After a ball came to Alba, who passed cross over Kutiho in the net.

Bill shot the ball out of the penalty area but was easy in the arms of goalkeeper Ter Stegen, and then Marcelo shot a strong shot twice on the minute in the 16th minute, Barcelona shot a wonderful ball but Kurtwa brilliantly removed after 19 minutes, A cross from inside the box, and then Ramos shot a strong ball in the keeper's arms.

Barcelona scored the second goal through Luis Suarez from a penalty after the referee used the video technique after Suarez and Farran joined the penalty area in the "30 minute", Alba sent a cross pass from Suarez, Suarez sent a cross around her Pique header, but at Cortois , Ravenna shot a powerful shot over the goal, ending the first half 2-0 to Barca.

In the second half of the match, Rafael Paran came out due to injury and entered Lucas Vasquez, and in the "50" scored Real Madrid scored the first goal through (Marcelo) after a ball arrived at Vasquez, who passed the ball to Isco, who sent a cross from inside the penalty area by the defense To reach Marcelo who took the ball on his chest and shot it into the net.

Marcelo sent a cross over Ramos with a header over the net, and Real Madrid almost equalized after a shot from Modric inside the penalty area but hit the post from the bottom in the 55th minute, Barcelona almost added a third goal after a long and occasional cross from Roberto Suarez around it in a wonderful way but at the bottom in the "60" minute.

Coutinho sent a ball to Alba, who hit the ball in Ramos and then to the corner of the crossbar in the 64th minute. Vasquez sent a dangerous cross over the net just above the goal in the 67th minute. Ravine went out and went into Smidio. "73", then Barcelona scored a third goal through (Luis Suarez) with a wonderful header.

Marcelo Diaz and then Mariano Diaz, then Barcelona scored a fourth goal through Luis Suarez after a break from Ramos to Roberto, who passed to Suarez, who entered the area and put the ball in the net, and then came out Arthur and entered instead of Vidal, and then recorded (Arturo Vidal ) Was the fifth goal in the header after being hit by Dembele from the left side.

Luis Suarez had the opportunity to add a sixth goal after a cross but Curtua put the ball away. Real Madrid almost added a second goal after a shot from Mariano Diaz to score the ball, but next to the keeper in the 90th minute.

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