'IRAQ' vs 'JAPAN' ( 0-5 ) Match Goals & HighLights 2018 AFC U-19 Championship

The result of the match between Iraq and Japan 2018 Asian Cup of Youth record the fifth

Iraq and Japan started to play in the Asian Youth Cup and the result is a draw. The first minutes of the match saw the Iraqi team try to score. The Iraqi team needs to win to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Asian Youth Cup.

ملخص مباراة العراق 0-5 اليابان | كأس آسيا للشباب تحت 19 سنة 2018 الجولة الثالثة

The tenth minute of the game saw the Japanese team progress without a response.

In the 27th minute of the game, Kagawa scored the second goal of the Japanese team from a wonderful shot placed on the right of the goalkeeper of the Iraqi youth team, making the result above the Samurai 2-0.

The fourth minute of the game saw the Japanese team scored the third goal in the same way as the second goal, the difficult task on the Iraqi team for young people to qualify.

The events of the first game between Iraq and Japan ended with the Japanese youth advancing with three clean goals and waiting for the events of the second half.

The events of the second half of the match between Iraq and Japan started a little while ago and the result is still the Samurai advance with three clean goals.

The youth team is handing out the Asian Cup early with a heavy loss against Japan

The Iraqi youth team suffered a heavy loss (5-0) against their Japanese counterpart in the match at Paknasari Stadium in Bogor in the third and final round of Group B of the AFC U-19 Youth Championship 2018 in Indonesia.

Japan's Yokohama Toki (10), Wokisuki Tagua (27), Taishi Hara (D 34), 77 (Kuki Saito-d)

Japan were second in Group B with nine points, while Thailand qualified as a group leader with 4 points after beating North Korea 2-1.

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