'SAUDI ARABIA' vs 'BRAZIL' ( 0-2 ) 🔥 Match Goals & High Lights 🏆 friendly

Brazil beat Saudi Arabia with a double in the quadrilateral

The Brazilian team beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 in a match held Friday evening at the King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, in the framework of the quartet friendly tournament, which includes side teams Argentina and Iraq.

ملخص مباراة السعودية والبرازيل - سوبر كلاسيكو

The Brazilian team beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 in a match held Friday evening at the King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, in the framework of the quartet friendly tournament, which includes side teams Argentina and Iraq.

Manchester City striker Jesus scored the winning goal for the Brazilian team in the 43rd minute, then Alex Sandro added the second goal in the last minute.

The referee annulled a goal for Gabriel Jesús of Brazil in the 24th minute after the break.

The Saudi goalkeeper Mohammed Al Owais was able to tackle several of Brazil's most dangerous balls, most notably through Neymar in the 11th and 25th minutes, and Jesús in the 25th minute before getting the red card five minutes from the end after touching the ball by hand outside the box.

Saudi Arabia have threatened Brazil with several serious attacks but their players have failed to score.

The Brazilian star Neymar was denied a goal by Silesao in the 55th minute.

The Saudi team failed to end the series of defeats against Brazil, where the Silesao won the previous four matches, and scored 16 goals against only 3 for the green.

The Saudi team will meet with his Iraqi counterpart in the next confrontation of the Quartet on Monday, while Brazil will face fire in front of Argentina in the Super Classico match next Tuesday at Al Jawhara Stadium in Jeddah.

Goals of the match between Saudi Arabia and Brazil (Super Classico)

Brazil, on Friday evening, managed to win their friendly against Saudi Arabia, with two goals without a reply.

The goal of the win by Gabriel Jesús in the 44th minute of the match, and Alex Sandro in the sixth minute of time, rather than lost to the game called by the Saudi media the title of "Super Classico.

The meeting comes within the framework of the organized quartet organized in the Saudi capital Riyadh, with the participation of Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Argentina and Iraq.

Brazil snatch Saudi Arabia 2-0 in the Superclassico

Saudi Arabia was a strong supporter of Brazil in the course of the meeting

Saudi Arabia suffered a 2-0 loss to their Brazilian counterpart in the first two matches of the four-nation friendly tournament.

The Saudi team began the game, with all the strength and dominated the course of the first quarter, in a warm atmosphere in the stadium meeting.

The first serious green attacks came after 18 minutes through Salem Al Dosari, who fired but the brilliance of Edresson keeps his goal.

And began to calm the atmosphere on the pitch, until Jesus scored the first goal in the meeting after 24 minutes, but the referee canceled him for infiltration.

Two minutes later, Mohammed Al Owais managed to keep his goal clean after a brilliant header from Jesús and a free kick close to the line.

The players of the Saudi team went a long way and did not succeed in keeping up with the Samba dancers and they dominated many of the meetings.

And before the end of the first half with a minute, and a pass from Neymar to Jesus, the latter was alone in the goal and fired into the net announcing the goal of the only meeting.

In stoppage time, the referee canceled a second goal for Sampa for the offense, ending the game with the visitors advancing without a reply.

At the start of the second half, Al Owais managed to continue to shine and kept his goal clean after he managed to keep away for Neymar.

The Greens took control of the game, trying to figure out the equalizer but no goal.

In the last minute of stoppage time for the second half, a corner kick from the right of the samba, matched by Sandro headball in the green net.

Despite the strong performance of the green .. Brazil wins over Saudi Arabia

Brazil beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 in a friendly at the Superclassico.

The fourth Super Clasico tournament is held in Saudi Arabia with the participation of Brazil, Argentina and Iraq as well as host green.

The Saudi team appeared in the game at a good level and was able to cohesion against the strength of the attack Samba, and almost scored in some attacks.

Brazil began to pressure and take possession of the ball and wasted more than a serious opportunity against Saudi Arabia.

Until the first goal of Samba by Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesús in the 42nd minute.

Mohammed Al Owais was sent off in the final minutes of the game after touching the ball from outside the box.

The second goal came in the second minute of the time calculated in lieu of left-back Alex Sandro.

The star Hussein Abdul Ghani took part with Saudi Arabia in the final minutes of the game after years of absence.

The Saudi team will meet in the next game with his Iraqi counterpart, while Brazil plays against Argentina.

Video technique expels Saudi goalkeeper to Brazil

Brazil beat Saudi Arabia 2-2

The Brazilian team beat Saudi Arabia 2-0 in the four-country tournament, as well as Argentina and Iraq.

The Brazilian team won a tough 2-0 victory over Saudi Arabia on Friday in the match held by the King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh in the Super Classico.

The tournament began on Thursday against the Argentine team with his Iraqi counterpart, which ended with a 4-0 victory.

The Saudi team has performed well despite the control of the Brazilian team since the beginning of the game, where the Saudi team entered a selection of goalkeeper Mohammed Al Owais, and in the line of defense, Omar Hosawi and Ali Balihi and Mohammed Al-Brik and Yasser Al-Shahrani, and in the midfield Abdullah Attif and Hussein Al-Mekhoi and Salman Al-Faraj and Salem Aldosari Abdul Aziz al-Bishi and Hattan Bahbari.

While the Brazilian team came in a lineup of goalkeeper Ederson and in the line of defense, Marcinios, Pablo, Fabino, Alex Sandro and in the midfield, Casimiro, Fred and Aguso and up front, Coutinho, Neymar and Jesus.

The match began with a Brazilian attack that almost resulted in the lead after the captain Neymar received a pass from the team Fabenho to face the goal and pay the ball, but goalkeeper Mohammed Al Owais hardened.

The Brazilian team continued to be dangerous and had a valuable chance for their captain Neymar, who had a hard shot from goalkeeper Mohamed Al Owais.

The Saudi team responded shortly after scoring the first goal after Salem Al Dosari received a pass from fellow Salman Al-Faraj and fired the ball, but it hit the net.

In the 43rd minute, striker Jesús scored the first goal after receiving a neat pass from Neymar to face the goal and put the ball into the net.

In the second half, the Brazilian team continued to play a dangerous role for Niemar, who received a pass from Coutinho and fired the ball but found goalkeeper Mohamed Al Owais.

Salman Al-Faraj, who received a pass from Mohammed Al-Brik on the edge of the penalty area, had a precious chance for the green but he shot the ball past goalkeeper Ederson.

In the 70th minute, Brazil's Lucas Mora missed a goal after receiving a pass from Neymar to face the goal and kick the ball but found goalkeeper Mohamed Al Owais, who was barely able to pass.

In the 85th minute, Dutchman Makily ruled the red card against Saudi goalkeeper Mohammed Al Owais after touching the ball by hand outside the box.

The Brazilian team almost doubled the score after defender Marcinius to the counterpart of Neymar to turn the ball, but it passed beside the right-hand substitute goalkeeper Mustafa Malaikah.

In the 90th minute, defender Alex Sandro managed to score the second goal after turning over Neymar's cross with a header from goalkeeper Mustafa Malakika.

The Saudi team will meet Iraqi counterpart Al-Iraqi on Monday at the King Saud Stadium in Riyadh. The tournament will conclude on Tuesday with the Brazilian team at the Super Classico, which will be hosted by King Abdullah Stadium in Jeddah.

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