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Liverpool and Manchester City reactions - Salah and Mahrous .. No one succeeded

Angry reactions from fans of Manchester City and Liverpool on Riad Mehrez and Mohammed Salah in the match they gathered in the meetings of the eighth round of the Premiership.

ملخص ليفــربوول وماانشـستر سيــتى - مـحرز يضيع ركلة جزاء فى الوقت القاتل

Manchester City star Mohamed Salah and his Algerian counterpart Riadh Mehrez have been criticized by the fans after their performances in the eighth round of the English Premier League.

The following are the main reactions to the performance of Mohammed Salah and Riyad Mehrez in the match:

# 1 There is something wrong in Salah

After 10 minutes

"There is something wrong with Mohammed Salah, his second wrong pass in a sensitive place"

# 2 Why start with a score?

"Free gifts from Manchester City, great differences between midfield and defense, and I do not understand why it starts at the expense of Sani this season."

# 3 Mindy Preventing Salah
"Salah was about to score, thank you, Mindy."

# 4 Mehrez did not touch the ball
 "Wait, seven minutes from the game and three, Mehrez, Aguero and Sterling did not touch the ball."

# 5 Salah nightmare
 "Serious Salah, playing in front of him in that plan is a nightmare for defenders."

# 6 Allison touching the ball over the checkered
After 20 minutes of the meeting.

 "Allison has touched the ball more than he has scored so far."
"It was a very good ball cut from Laporte, preventing Salah from scoring a killer goal for sure."

# 8 Sani instead of Mehrez
"Sani had to start from Riad Mehrez."
# 9 Salah was lucky last season
 "Last season, Salah went through a season that was lucky. I can not believe you were comparing that player Ronaldo and Lionel."

# 10 Forget to Salah on the pitch
After Salah's shot at the start of the second half
"I forgot that Mohammed Salah was on the pitch."

# 11 Marz Anani
 "Mehrez does not play and must play Manchester City, he is very selfish and needs to admit it and play more simply if he wants more minutes."

# 12 Mehrez will not play penalties again
After goals scored for the penalty kick

"Mehrez will never pay back penalties at Manchester City."

Liverpool and Manchester City: a white peak and a "pentagonal" conflict flared

The competition for the top of the Premier League remains heated among five teams, with only five points separating the Big 5.
The draw against Liverpool at home to Manchester City on Sunday was in the eighth round of the English Premier League.

Manchester City have not won a game on the pitch in 15 years, when they won 2-1 at the Riddles in this stadium in 2003.

The first half of the game did not see strong attacks from the two teams, and continued to Liverpool control of the ball at the start of the second half, while the Manchester City players continued to retreat to defense just as the beginning of the first half.

In the 54th minute of the second half saw a serious attack from Liverpool and cross from Roberto Fermino, which led to a fiasco in the area of ​​Manchester City, but the defense of the "Citizens" managed to keep them away.

City responded to the onslaught of Liverpool by another Algerian Riyad Mehrez, who hit a strong ground, went into a goal kick near the left post keeper Alison Baker.

Mohammed Salah made an easy shot in the hands of goalkeeper Ederson Morais in the 62nd minute, although the opportunity to pass to Fendalom was better.

Benjamin Mindy scored 63 yellow cards for a foul on Liverpool in the 63rd minute.

Manchester City took the first lead in the 65th minute, with Sergio Aguero outing and Gabriel Gabriel's place.

In the 67th minute, Salah broke through a free-kick cross, past the left-footer of the Manchester goalkeeper.

City moved to the second in the 76th minute, leaving Rahim Stirling and replacing Leroy Sani.

In the 84th minute, Mérze managed to take a penalty kick from City, but he shot high past Liverpool.

Liverpool tried to score a goal in the 87th minute through a cross from Henderson, wasted by Salah.

Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool were top of the league with 20 points, two points behind both Arsenal and Tottenham.

Riad Mehrez misses a penalty in Liverpool and Manchester City

Algerian Riadh Mehrez missed an opportunity to score Manchester City's goal against Liverpool in the match at Anfield in the eighth round of the English Premier League.

Riad Mehrez lost a penalty 85 minutes after a penalty from defender Van Dieck to Leroy Sani in the penalty area.

Mohamed Salah joins Liverpool and Man City in the Premier League

Liverpool drew 1-1 with Manchester City in the Anfield match in the eighth round of the Premier League.

Manchester City players had control over the ball and midfield and were able to break through the Reds defense with more than one ball. The Liverpool players responded with some counter-attacks and quickballs, but all attempts failed to break through the first half.

With the start of the second half, the two teams took control of the game and the center of the field, and wasted Riad Mehrez penalty for Manchester City against Liverpool.

Mohamed Salah, the star of the Egyptian team and professional in the ranks of Liverpool participated in the game mainly, and also participated Riad Mahrez, Algerian star professional Man City in the meeting.

A goalless draw at the top of Liverpool and Manchester City in the Premiership

Liverpool and Manchester City were held to a 0-0 draw at the English Premier League at Anfield.

The Reds took on Manchester City in the eighth round of the Premier League.

Manchester City was close to winning the win in a time of killer, after a penalty was awarded to him, but the Algerian Riad Mehrez failed to score in the 86th minute.

The match ended in a draw between the two teams, each team with a point in the struggle of the lead, and lead Manchester City with 20 points equal to Chelsea and Liverpool in second place and third, but outperform the goal difference.

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