'Al Ahli' and 'Espérance Tunis' ( 3-1 ) 🏆 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 CAF

Al-Ahly makes an impressive win over Esperance in the African Champions League final

Egypt's Al-Ahly team won an exciting and important victory at the expense of Esperance side Tunisia on Friday evening, as part of the final leg of the 2018 African Champions League in a match held on the floor of the "Burj Al Arab" in Alexandria, Will return on Friday 9 November on the grounds of the stadium "Olympic Paradis".

ملخص كامل الاهلي والترجي 3-1 مباراة تاريخية- نهائي دوري ابطال افريقيا -ثنائية وليد سليمان

At the start of the first half, the two teams were caught in the middle of the pitch with little or no real danger on both sides. The 18th minute saw the first opportunity in the game after Walid Suleiman hit a powerful free-kick on the right-hand side of the box. After a pass between me and a shot from Al-Khunaisi, the guard easily confronted her.

Al-Ahly received a strong blow after Ahmed Fathi went out due to injury and Mohammed Hani entered in the 21st minute. The referee then scored a penalty for Ahli and Walid Azaro before confirming his decision after using the video technology. 34 ", Esper scored a free-kick after a free-kick but the defense kept it out.

In the 41st minute, Al Ahly managed to catch a second goal after a ball that was too far behind to reach Al Ahly who fired the ball from outside the area. Hamoudi then turned it over. Al Shaalali fired a great shot that hit the crossbar in the 45th minute. Al-Darbali fired a powerful shot away from goalkeeper Al-Shennawi, ending the first half 1-0 for Ahli.

In the second half of the game, Hamoudi fired a ball from outside the penalty area but it was far from the goal, and then scored a second goal after a long ball and Walid Suleiman, who sent a cross ball into the penalty box and then a defensive surprise to be exploited (Amr Sulh) who received the ball And scored it in the net in the 58th minute of the match.

The melon shot a great free kick from a free kick but Al-Shennawi put it in the corner in the 60th minute. The referee gave Esperance a penalty after a snatch from Al-Shennawi. Mido Jaber scored in the 65th minute.

Al-Ahly scored a penalty for Al-Ahly and Azaro before using the video technology and confirmed his decision. Laila Sulaiman scored a third goal in the 75th minute. After a shot from Sulaiman from a free kick but in Alarisia in the minute "82".

Walid Suleiman sent a cross ball into the box from a free-kick but it was just above the goal. Esperance almost scored a second goal but Al-Shennawi stepped in and pushed the ball past the defender in the 89th minute. Al-Ahly 3-1.

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