"FC Barcelona" vs "Atlético Madrid" ( 1-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Dimple saves Barcelona from losing to Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid met at the Wanda Metro Politano with Barcelona at the top of the 13th round of the Primera Liga on Sunday evening. The match ended 1-1 with Barcelona to score 25 points and remain leaders. Atletico Madrid scored 24 points in second place.

ملخص بړشـ۔ـلۄڼة واٺـ۔ـلٺېكو مـ۔ـدړېد 1−1 - هدف قاتل +90 وتألق مېسې وجنون الشوالي

In the sixth minute, Jordi Alba sent a cross from the left, which was left behind by the Atletico Madrid defense. Lucas Hernández responded with a similar display from the left. The defenders of Barcelona put them away successfully.

Limar fired a shot in the 16th minute in the Catalan defense, then sent the same cross from the left from Piqué in the 26th minute, and in the last minute was the most dangerous ball in the first half, after a cross from the right, Gerard Pique tried to fragment, but almost by mistake To put it in the goal of his team, Lula to catch Terje Stegen by the last minute.

In the second half the game improved slightly, but with a few chances, Grizman made a great effort on the right side and played the ball to Costa in front of the goal, but Pique made a great move in the most dangerous attempt since the beginning of the game. In the 58th minute, Costa broke through a cross- , And a minute later Messi responded with a shot away from the defense.

In the 77th minute, Atletico Madrid managed to score a goal by Diego Costa, who was lifted from a corner by Costa on the second post with a header. Terje Stegn did not deal with the goal, but Valverde decided to pay all the cards. After having been paid by both Dempsey and Ravinia.

Barcelona's pressure to reach a draw without a serious risk, Messi fired a free kick from the edge of the penalty area hit the defense and went out to corner, and came the equalizer for the team Alcateloni in the 90th minute, after a ball reached Osman Dembili on the right of the area to be received by the French And send them into the net to end the meeting 1-1.

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