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Inter Milan and Barcelona end in draw!

Barcelona met hosts Inter Milan in the fourth round of the Champions League group stage at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium. The match ended 1-1 with Barcelona, which raised the score to 10 points at the top of Group B, Qualifying, while Inter lifted his credit to 7 points in second place.

ملخص مباراه بــرشــلونــة وانــتر مــيــلان 1-1 - مباراه مجنونة - ابـطــال اوروبــا

The start of the game was somewhat slow, and the first attempt in the 11th minute of Barcelona by Luis Suarez's cross-ball and passed in front of the goal of the owners of the ground, and in the 13th minute, the Uruguayan shot a ball passed the edge of the right base, and on the 29th of the meeting Felipe Coutinho other ball From outside the box, just over the bar.

In the 31st minute, Luis Suarez shot the ball past the post, and in the 36th minute Felipe Coutinho fired a dangerous shot by Handanovic. In the 41st minute, Handanovic Again against Luis Suarez.

The first attempt in the second half for Inter was through Stephan De Freij's shot, which passed next to the 49th. In the 51st minute, Felipe and Tennio fired a stern shot from Samir Handanovic and then threatened the Nerazzurri with French header Clement Lenglet in the 58th minute after lifting The ball from the corner but the goal went up.

In the 62th minute, Coutinho tried another shot from Handanovic, and in the 65th minute Inter threatened Barcelona with a dangerous shot with Boltano's close header. In the 66th minute, Demebeli fired a powerful shot from Handanovic. Barcelona then substituted for Vidal instead of Arthur Milo, De Oliveira instead of Frenchman Osman Dembeli.

Malcolm Moufak was substituted for the first goal after a shot by his compatriot Philippe Coutinho, who played on the edge of the area for the young man to make his way from Kuadu Asamoah with a superb left-footed shot in the 83rd minute. Inter scored four minutes after a goal from Ekardi in The penalty area to put it in the goal.

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