Bayern vs AEK ( 2-0 ) Crazy ⚡ Match Goals & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Bayern beat AEK Athens and take the lead with difficulty, Bayern's 0-1 win over Bayern puts them on top of their Champions League group

Bayern Munich managed to beat Greece's AEK Athens 2-0 in the fourth round of the Champions League.

اهداف مباراة بايرن ميونخ وايك اثينا 2-0 || ثناائية ليفاندوفسكي

Bayern entered the game amid great pressure after a draw with Freiburg in the Bundesliga this week, demanding to win.

Coach Nico Kovac entered the game with the return of Jerome Boateng to the defense line, next to Kimchić, Humles and David Alba.

The midfield consists of Leon Guretska, Javier Martinez and Thomas Mueller, and three attackers Robert Levandowski, Frank Ribery and Serge Janapri.

The Bavarians were the most dominating and dangerous in the visitors' goal, but were unable to reach the goal as required.

A penalty by Slovenian referee Matti Goog was scored in the 31st minute by Robert Lefandovski, who scored for Bayern.

Lefandovski appeared in the picture again with a goal of reassuring Bayern in the 71st minute.

Victory puts the German team on top of Group F with 10 points, followed by Ajax 8, Benfica 4 and AEK Athens with no points.

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