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Bayern reach the final with a big win over Benfica

Bayern Munich were back in the lead with a win over Benfica 5-1 in the Champions League Group E match in the Allianz Arena.

اهداف مباراة بايرن ميونيخ وبنفيكا 5-1 [خماسية مجنونة] تألق روبن

Bayern Munich, who have been promoted to 12 points, move up to fifth place in Group E, Ajax Amsterdam are relegated to second place with 11 points, while Benfica have 4 points and qualified for the European Champions League.

Bayern Munich began their goals with veteran Dutchman Arjen Robben, who scored the first goal in the 13th minute after sharing the ball more than once with fellow Thomas Ali on the right, then pierced the area and shot the ball into the net.

In the 30th minute, the return star scored the second goal of the Bavarian team, with a quick counterattack, as the ball reached him on the border of the area to take it towards the goal, and in his own way, he shot superbly to the left of the keeper.

The third goal came in the 32nd minute through Polish striker Robert Lefandowski, after a shot from Joshua Kemic on the right, Lefandowski flew from among the defenders and put a wonderful header in the Portuguese net.

At the start of the second half, the visitors reduced the lead to Gidson Fernandez, but Lefandowski quickly re-opened the scoring as the fourth goal in the 51st minute, with a beautiful header after a kick from Kimic again from a corner.

The fifth goal came in the 76th minute through veteran Frenchman Franck Ribery, who had a wonderful exchange on the left with Austrian David Abba, who brought it inside the area, to kick it into the net.

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