Brazil vs Uruguay ( 1-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & High Lights 🏆 friendly

Brazil beat Uruguay in a friendly match

The Brazilian team met on Friday evening with their Uruguayan team at a Latin American friendly summit held in London, England, in preparation for the next entitlements, and the Brazilian team won the match (1-0).

ملخص مباراة البرازيل واوروجواى 1-0 - تألق نيمار - 16-11-2018

In the first half of the match, the Brazilian team, which relied on the skills of the first star Neymar da Silva of Paris Saint-Germain, was in the lead with Liverpool's Roberto Fermino and Juventus's Carlos Costa without success.

In the second half of the game, Brazil managed to score the winner, precisely from the 76th minute of the penalty after Laxalat blocked Danilo in the area, and Neymar successfully hit the goal.

The Brazilian team will play their second match in the current international stop on the 20th of this month against the Cameroon team, against Uruguay will play the same day against France in a repeat of the quarter-finals of the World Cup.