"REAL MADRID" vs "Eibar" ( 0-3 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

A spectacular fall for Real in front of Ibar in La Liga

Real Madrid were beaten by their side Ebar in the evening meeting on the grounds of the town of Ibroa, 3-0, in the framework of the matches of the 13th round of the Spanish Liga, Real Madrid will be stuck at 20 points in sixth place Temporarily, while the Ibar team raised its balance to 18 points in seventh place temporarily.

ملخص مباراه ريــال مــدريــد وايـ بار 0-3 - فضيحة جديدة للمــلكي - جنون البلوشي

The start of the first half of the game was quick on both sides with the advantage of the side of the ground and the public Ibar, where Iber blocked the goal of the progress after Keke shot a wonderful ball from outside the penalty area but hit the right post keeper Cortwa in the third minute, Real then scored a goal through Bill but canceled for the offense.

Gareth Bell sent a cross from the left side but went through without a follower in the 6 minute, and in the 11th minute Real Madrid almost scored the lead after a cross from Marco Ascencio to Asencio who put the ball brilliantly but the defender put it away. From the line, Jordan then sent a cross-ball and then a header from Kiki next to the post.

Ibar scored the goal by Gonzalo Escalante after a quick counter-attack to reach Kokuriya, who sent a cross from Eibar and then was intercepted by Courtois. Cibayos tried to keep them off to hit the ball and hit the net before the referee used the video technique to confirm the goal. The assistant referee was offended by the intrusion.

The Real Madrid team failed to threaten the goal of Ibar, which was based on high pressure on the players of the Royal team, and then Bill fired a ball from a free-kick directly but the goalkeeper kept them in the 34th minute, and then Luka Modric shot from outside the penalty area but easy between the guard, The minutes went through a preference from Ibar to the end of the first half with Ibar advancing 1-0.

In the second half of the game, Ibar almost grabbed the second goal after a cross from Kokuriya around Sergei Inrich header slightly above the goal, Ibar scored a second goal through (Sergei Enrich) after Kokuria Kjoria the ball from Odrizola before and then passed to Enrich who shot the ball From inside the penalty area, she hit the right post and settled the net.

Udrizola came out with injury and Carvajal scored in the 53rd minute. Ibar scored a third goal from Enrique Garcia Keke after a cross from the left flanked Kiki easily into the net in the 57th minute. Oriana almost scored a fourth goal but Curtua The ball went off in the "62" minute, and Ibar almost scored another goal but the ball was near the goal.

"In the 70th minute, Marcelo passed the ball to Benzema but the goalkeeper came out and grabbed the ball in time. Then Ascincio came out and entered Vinicos in the minute. "74", Charlize almost added a fourth goal but Curtua far beyond.

Ibar continued their lead to the game amid disgruntled Real Madrid, who had one of their worst games of the season, Real tried to intensify their attempts in the hope of reducing the result but to no avail, Vincius shot from outside the penalty area away from the goal in the minute "90", to end after the meeting with the victory of Ibar 3-0.