'Espérance Tunis' vs 'Al Ahli' ( 3-0 ) 🏆 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 CAF: FINAL

Esperance stunned Al Ahly and crowned the African Champions League title

Esperance won the 2018 African Champions League after winning 3-0 at Al-Ahly 3-0 at the Olympic Stadium in the final leg of the tournament. Esperance won the title for the third time in their history with a total of 4-3.

ملخص كامل مباراة الاهلى والترجى الرياضى التونسى 0-3-نهائى دورى ابطال افريقيا - عصام الشوالى HD

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The first half of the game was quick and strong on both sides, but amid the siege of the game in the middle of the field without any real danger on the two goals, and in the minute "10" Al-Darbali sent a cross from the right side away from the defender, and then fired Shaalali strong ball from outside the penalty area, Al-Shennawi's goalkeeper is in the 12th minute.

Al-Khansi sent a cross from the right side away from Al-Ahli's defense, then a cross and a header from Esperance but over the goal, the game was limited to the field without danger to the two goals. In the 33rd minute, the Esperance players called for a penalty after Esperance fell from Saad Samir, but the referee calculated corner after using the video technology.

In the 42nd minute, Suleiman passed the ball into a boxer, but the defense kept it away, and then a cross from the inside of the penalty area was passed by the Sulayman. In the 45 + 1 minute, Esperance scored the goal by Saad Boukir. Passed it to Bakir who hit the ball in the net against Al Shennawi, ending the first half 1-0 for Al-Tarjee.

In the second half of the match, Esperance managed to score a second goal through Saad Baqir after a cross from Darbali on the right side with a header in the net at the 54th minute. Al-Badri then shot a great shot from the line of the penalty area, In the 59th minute, and then came out and entered the spring.

Mido Gaber and Karim Nidved came out, and then came out Mohammed Hani Dakhl Salah Mohsen, and then went out Khneisi and entered the Magri in the minute "68", and then came out of the Sulayman and entered instead Hamoudi in the minute "74", Esperance almost scored a third goal with a shot from Al Badri inside But Al-Shennawi put it away.

In the minute "87" Esperance scored a third goal through (Anis Al Badri) after a ball from the middle of the stadium before the ball kicked out and fired from inside the penalty area occupied the net Chenawi, the referee calculated 4 minutes instead of lost time Al Ahli tried to hijack the goal of return but Don Jadwa, to end the meeting after winning Esperance 3-0 and crowned the title.

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