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Manchester United turn the table on Juventus and suffer the first loss of the season

Juve fell a surprise loss at home to Manchester United with two goals against a goal in the match, hosted by the Allianz Stadium in the framework of the fourth round of matches in the group stage in the Champions League.

ملخص مباراة يوفــنتوس ومانــشستر يونـہايتد 1-2 - ريمونتادا الشياطين وسقوط الدون

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the first goal of the game in the 65th minute to open his first goal in the Champions League with Juventus.

Contrary to tradition, Ronaldo celebrated his old team's netting but apologized to them after that.

While Juventus dominated most of the game, Manchester United broke up with shy attacks and managed to equalize by Juan Mata from a free kick in the 86th minute.

As the game was over in a positive draw, Manchester United managed to turn the table on friendly fire after defender Pianconeiro Alex Sandro equalized in the 90th minute.

In the lost time Manchester United had the opportunity to score the third goal after the exclusive Rashford Bchizni but the Polish goalkeeper was on the lookout.

With this result, Manchester United lifted their points to seven points in the group's net, while Juventus remain in the lead with nine points.

A Wonderful Man - A Disappointed Man Juventus vs Manchester United

Manchester United, in contrast, beat Juventus 2-1 at Juventus Stadium.

The win restored the ambition of the European team, and responded to the defeat of the previous meeting in the third round on Old Trafford.

Fantastic Man - Cristiano Ronaldo

He scored 8 shots, scored a great goal, and made two blasts for the old lady, such as Karti Khadira or Cawaredo, who killed the guests' dreams.

Despite the loss today, the Portuguese were more determined to score and finish their goals.

Ronaldo is more consistent than Debala, which shows the development of the offensive duo, but the team's crisis remains a waste of opportunity, which cost him the loss after failing to kill the game from the start.

Disappointing man - Fuchique Chizini

The Polish goalkeeper, wants to fill the gap left by veteran goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, but fell into a very important test that almost ended Alegre's thinking in the European championship.

A mistake to stand and guide his teammates in the human wall, causing the equalizer of the Red Devils, and then a mistake that may end up after failing to remove the ball from within the six yards to cause the loss of the first lady this season.

9 rebounds for United 4 out of the goal and 2 for the defense. Chizini scored two of the 3 balls in his hands.

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