'Man.City' and 'Man United' ( 3-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLihts 🔥 Premier League

Manchester City settle the derby three and regain the lead

Manchester City's Manchester City team beat Manchester United 3-1 at the Al Ittihad Stadium on Sunday in the twelfth round of the Premier League. Manchester City have 32 points in the lead, two points behind Liverpool, While Manchester United are at 20 points in eighth place.

ملخص مباراة ماںشہسترسیہتى واليۄںايہتد 3-1 - مباراة ناارية وتالق مــحرز

The first half of the game was strong and quick on the part of Manchester City, the owner of the land and the public amid a decline by the United players, where Bernardo Silva fired from outside the penalty area but near the keeper a little in the 1 minute, and then Fernandinho fired a ball from outside the penalty area But it went out next to the right post in the 4th minute.

In the 12th minute, Manchester City scored the goal of David Silva after a team-action that ended with a cross from Sterling, which Bernardo Silva met with a pass to David Silva who received it and then fired into the net. The Red Devils then sent a cross from the right Smoling met her with a header but walked just over the bar.

Aguero passed the ball to Sterling, who fired from the edge of the penalty area but hit the defense and made it easy to goalkeeper De Chia in the 36th minute, Man City almost scored a second goal after a wonderful pass behind the defense Aguero met with a shot directly from within the area but went to And then the first half ended with Man City advancing 1-0.

With the start of the second half, Manchester City scored a second goal from Sergio Aguero in the 49th minute after a one-on-one pass between Riaz and Aguero, before Sergio Aguero fired a shot from inside the box. Khia, and then the Manchester United coach switched to the exit of Lengard and the entry of Lukako.

In the 57th minute, substitute Lukako received a penalty in front of Ederson, who was sent off by Anthony Marciel to score the goal. In the 61st minute, Riyad Mehrez came out and replaced Sani. Fernandinho fired a shot from outside the penalty area De Chaya came to her steadfastly, and then Herrera and Rushford went out and entered Mata and Sanchez.

Aguero came out and replaced Gondogan in the 74th minute. Manchester City managed to score a third goal from Elkay Gundogan after a cross from Bernardo Silva to Gondogan, who took the ball in the 86th minute. David Silva Fuden took the lead in the minute "90 + 2", ending the meeting after 3-1.