Man. United vs Young Boys ( 1-0 ) ⚡ Match & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Villaini leads Manchester United to the final of the Champions League

Manchester United qualified for the final of the Champions League after a thrilling win in the last minute at home to the Swiss team Young Boys 1-0 in the game of the fifth round of the group stage held this evening at Old Trafford.

اهداف مباراة مانشستر يونايتد 1-0 يونغ بويز🔥2018.11.27🔥ابطال اوروبا

The hosts, who won 3-0 in the first game in Switzerland, failed to score a goal during the first half of the game, which ended with a 0-0 draw, amid a huge disillusionment in the stands due to continued infertility.

At the start of the second half, Mourinho pulled out duo Fred, Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba and Romilo Lukaco to revive the attack. In the most dangerous attempt, Marwan Villaini missed a serious chance for the Red Devils to continue the draw.

The England team owes this victory to Marwan Villaini, who has always saved the team in difficult times, scoring a last-minute winner to lead Manchester United to a place in a difficult situation.

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