PSG vs Napoli ( 1-1 ) Crazy ⚡ Match Goals & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Napoli impose a draw on St Germain and ignite the struggle to qualify

Napoli put the draw on the St Germain in the meeting held on the evening on the floor of the stadium, "San Paolo" 1-1, in the framework of the matches of the fourth round of the group stage in the Champions League, to raise the Naples score to 6 points in the top of the third group on goal difference from Liverpool, while St Germain raised their score to 5 points in third place.

ملخص مباراة باريس سان جيرمہان و نابولي 1-1 - مباراة مجنونة جدا

The first half of the game was relatively quiet between the two teams in the middle of the field, with the advantage of Paris Saint Germain. In the 13th minute, Munier sent a cross to Neymar but the keeper grabbed the ball at the last minute. In front of Neymar in the 21st minute of the match.

Jose Calejon from outside the area directly on the goal went right next to the right and turned into a goal kick in the minute "25", and then fired Mbabi ball from the left side of the area not to receive a pass pass from Neymar passed the top of the bar a little, Next to Al Qaim slightly in the 28th minute of the match.

De Maria put a dangerous corner into the net, but Ospina kept the ball out of the way. Di Maria shot the ball hard but the keeper kept it up. In the 45th minute, Saint Germain scored the goal by Juan Bernat after a cross from Mbabe to Bernat He received the ball and shot it into the net easily, ending the first half with a 1-0 lead.

In the second half of the match, Napoli almost equalized after a powerful shot from the inside of the penalty area but Buffon kept it in the corner in the 51st minute. Buffon then pushed a dangerous ball past the goal, and Caligon almost equalized after a shot From inside the penalty area but the defender enters the last minute into a corner.

Napoli almost equalized after a cross over Napoli in the net, but Buffon kept them out of the net. The referee awarded Napoli a penalty after Buffon's mistake at Calyonon. Lorenzo Encini scored for Napoli in the 62nd minute, , Followed by Fabian Ruiz and Zellenski in the 70th minute.

Mounier came in and replaced Campembe by the Parisian club, and then Maxmović came in and replaced Hessay. De María then came in and Cavani scored in the 76th minute. Saint-Germain squandered a goal after a cross by Mababi strangely past the goal in the 84th minute. Minutes in the middle of the attempts of the two teams, ending the meeting with a draw 1-1.
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