PSG vs Liverpool ( 2-1 ) Crazy ⚡ Match Goals & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Paris St Germain stuns Liverpool and ignites the struggle to qualify

Paris Saint-Germain scored an important victory at Liverpool's expense in the evening meeting on the grounds of the "Princes' Park" 2-1 in the fifth round of the group stage in the Champions League, Saint-Germain up to 8 points in second place, while freezing Liverpool score at 6 points third, and lead the group Napoli with 9 points.

ملح۬ص مباراة لېڧـربۄل وبــارېس سٱن جېــرماڼ 1-2 - تألق نېــمار وجنون الشوالى

The start of the first half of the game was strong and quick by the Paris Saint-Germain, the owner of the land and the public, where Mbabi shot the ball from inside the penalty area but near the goal in the minute "2", and then shot Di Maria wonderful ball from the outside of the penalty area but goalkeeper Allison shine The ball was narrowly removed and the defense turned it into a corner that was not exploited.

In the 13th minute, Paris Saint-Germain scored a goal by Juan Bernat after a ball from Neymar to Mbabi, who sent a cross in the penalty area and drove it to the top of the net. A ball from inside the penalty area but next to the post, then the St Germain continued.

Neymar took the ball to Mababi on the left-hand corner before the ball sent a cross from Alesson in front of Cavani. In the 30th minute, the club scored a second goal through Neymar after a quick counter-attack by Neymar before passing a ball to Mbabi who sent Kafani was on the cross but Alison confronted her and Neymar followed with a shot in the net.

Salah was able to snatch a long ball from behind the defenders but the ball went to the goal. In the 45th minute, the referee awarded Liverpool a penalty after Manny fell into the penalty area after an intervention from Di Maria. The shot went off successfully, ending in the first half with Paris St Germain 2-1.

In the second half of the game, Paris Saint-Germain scored a third goal through Marcinios but the referee ruled out the intrusion, sent Ribertson cross from the inside of the penalty area, but Silva sent them to a corner in the "55", and then sent Robertson cross from the left side around him But the ball missed the goal in the 60th minute.

Diaz de Maria and Cavani came out and Alves and Motting came in the 65th minute from Paris Saint-Germain, and then came out of the Bundesliga and Nabi Keita came in on the side of the Ridds. Paris almost scored a third goal after a corner and a header from Marcinos, , Followed by Ferminho and replaced by Daniel Sturridge by Liverpool.

In the 77th minute, Minler went out and Shakiri replaced him in the last of the Raides. Neymar called for a penalty after falling inside the penalty area but the referee did not count it. Mbabi started the ball and went into the penalty area and then shot the ball away from the goal. Neymar's free-kick shot away by Allison, ending with a 2-1 win over German Leman.

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