Raja vs Vita Club ( 3-0 ) Match Hiaghlights: CAF Confederation Cup

Please come close to the Confederation title with a sweeping win over Vita Club

Morocco's Raja Casablanca are close to winning the CAF Confederation Cup for the first time in their history after beating Vita Club Congolese 3-0 in the final leg of the match in Morocco.

ملخص الرجاء المغربي وفيتا كلوب 3-0 مباراة مجنوونة- نهائي كأس الكنفدرالية 25-11-2018

Raja managed to open the scoring in the 47th minute after a ball from the left to the inside of the penalty area, Mahmoud Benhleib met with a wonderful heel to his teammate Sufian Rahimi, who received it beautifully and put it in the net.

In the 61st minute, again the brilliant Sufian Rahimi added the second goal for the owners of the land, after a series of beautiful transfers, the ball reached the center of the distinctive player on the edge of the penalty area to the right of the keeper.

Two minutes later, the referee awarded Raja a penalty after the Congolese player blocked Zacarias Hadraff inside the area and was followed by Mahmoud Benhalib who successfully hit Vita Club.

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