"FC Barcelona" vs "Vallecano" ( 3-2 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Barcelona strengthen their position in the lead after Remontada in front of Rayo Vallecano

Barcelona were able to make a great return (Raimontada) in front of Rayo Vallecano, who won a precious 3-2 win in the 11th round of the Primera Liga. Barcelona move to 24 points to strengthen their position in the lead, and Rio Vallecano scored 6 points in the 19th place.

ملخص مباراة بہرشلہونة ورايہو فالہيكانہو 3-2 - ريمونتادا ناارية للبہـرسا

ملخص مباراه برشــلونــه ورايــو فــاليــكانــو 3-2 - ريمونتادا البــارســا

The first attempt in the game was in the sixth minute by Luis Suarez with a shot from a free kick but went away, and in the tenth minute Barca opened the scoring in the tenth minute after a long ball and arrived Jordi Alba on the left, to play the latter in his usual way to Suarez within the region , To put the Uruguayan in the goal.

In the 20th minute, Alvaro Garcia tried the ball with a shot but the shot went off the ball. Four minutes later we had another chance through Raul de Thomas's header but the ball was on the crossbar. In the 31st minute the team was close to the opening of the game. A bad control from Roberto, but the attempt is strangely lost.

But in the 35th minute, the second attempt by Pozzo succeeded when a superb ball from outside the box hit the left and then entered the goal of Barcelona goalkeeper Mark André Terje Stegen. In the 38th minute, Advencola shot another high ball and Barcelona almost came back with a shot from Luis Suarez From outside the area but the ball hit the left-hand side.

In the second half, the first attempt was in favor of Barcelona with Roberto's shot past the post, and then Dembili entered instead of Ravinia to activate the attacking line, but then pressed the hosts hard, and managed to score the goal in the 57th minute after a cross from the right hand side met her Bozo nodded and hit the post and then prepared for Garcia who followed her in the goal.

A few minutes later, the hosts formed a siege of the guests, who were very floundering. Valverde made a double turn in the 67th minute, pushing the duo and Arturo Vidal instead of Coutinho and Arthur Milo, and the equalizer was left until the 86th minute, A ball inside the box was also superbly prepared by Pique.

In the last minute of the game, Barça scored a superb shot from the right by Sergei Roberto to the far post. Luis Suarez met with a great touch in the net, A game in which he lived very hard times especially in the second half.

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