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Red star jolts Liverpool in the Champions League

The Liverpool team fell to the Serbian Red Star team in the evening meeting on the floor of the stadium, "Red Star Stadium" 2-0 in the fourth round of the group stage in the Champions League, Liverpool to freeze his lead at 6 points in the lead temporarily, While the red star raised his score to 4 points in fourth and final place.

ملخص مباراة ليفربول والنجم الاحمر 0-2 - انهيار مفاجئ للريدز

The first half of the game was strong on the side of the Red Star, the owner of the ground and the public amid the retreat of Liverpool, Marin shot from inside the penalty area but easy in the arms of goalkeeper Allison in the eighth minute, and then reached the ball to Savic after a cross from A corner that bounced off the goal in the 15th minute.

In the 17th minute, Liverpool missed a goal after a cross from Mani reached Robertson, who passed it to Sturridge, who shot the ball over the goal. Manny then passed the ball to Stordij who hit the ball and then hit a corner in the 20th minute. The Red Star player has a strong ball from the penalty boxer who pushed her into a corner.

In the 22nd minute, the red star was able to score a goal after Marin Artefa's Milan Bafkov shot the ball into the net. The Red Star scored a second goal through Milan Pavkov with a superb shot from outside the box, Head to Lana in the defender and then into the corner, to end the first half 2-0.

In the second half of the game, Liverpool almost reduced the score after a cross around Manny in front of Alrama but the defense away in the minute "48", and then sent Robertson cross-shot hit the defender and then in the horizontal Ardihm in the minute "56", and then sent Mohamed Salah A cross from a corner but in the outer net of the Red Star guard.

Mohammed Salah fired a shot on the edge of the area hit the defender and then the goalkeeper to a corner near which to score Salah goal to reduce the difference but the ball in the right-hand keeper in the minute "71", Salah almost reduced the score but the goalkeeper saved his goal in the minute "82 "And then the header of Van dick over the net after Ferminho's cross.

The referee calculated a 5 minute wasted time. The team tried to save what could be saved. Mohammed Salah fired a shot from inside the penalty area but the keeper kept it firmly in the "90 + 4" minute, ending the match 2-0 for the Red Star.

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