Roma vs Real Madrid( 0-2 ) Crazy ⚡ Match Goals & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Real Madrid stuns Roma and qualifies for the last 16 of the Champions League
Real Madrid finished top of Group G after beating Roma,In the meeting held on the evening of 2-0, in the framework of the games of the fifth round of the group stage in the Champions League on the floor of the "Olympic" Real Madrid have 12 points in the lead, while Roma have 9 points and have officially qualified for the Round of 16.

ملح۬ص مباراة ړېال مـ۔ـدړېد وړومـ۔ـٱ 2-0 - عودة الملكى وتألق بېل

The first half of the game was relatively quiet between the two teams in the middle of the game in the middle of the game, with extreme caution and a bit of a bleach. In the 5th minute, Cross sent a left-foot cross from Benzema, To Kolarov, who fired a shot from inside the penalty box.

In the 17th minute, Onder sent a cross that kept the ball away at the last minute. Vázquez then passed the ball to Modric, whose shot hit the Roma player and then narrowly missed the defense. In the 32nd minute, O'Dear sent a cross from Farran at the last minute, The Roma team went through the first half amid disgruntled Real Madrid players.

Roma were able to catch the lead after a cross around Fazio, but Krujjal later and then the shots in front of Shik, but Kurtwa responded to the ball and came to Kolarov, who fired a wonderful shot past the goal in the minute "34", and then shot Kularov ball from inside the penalty area but Curtua responded to her twice, to continue the team of Rome attempts and preference.

Roma were able to score in the 45th minute after a dribble from Danny Carvalc on the right flank to hit the ball in the penalty area and sent a cross-ball to Underer in front of the goal, which bounced curlingly past goalkeeper Kurtwa to miss the chance of a goal. , And then ended the first half with a draw with no goals between the two teams.

In the second half, Real scored the goal of Gareth Bell after a ball from goalkeeper Olsen and a false header from the Roma player to reach Bill, who received the ball and fired a floor from inside the penalty area in the net, and then almost Roma to score the equalizer after a cross She arrived at Sheik who hit a ball that hit the carvajal and then the racket.

Real Madrid missed Real Madrid's goal after being sent off by a long-range volley from Marcelo before sending it off in the 49th minute, Kluivert hit the ground but goalkeeper Cortua blocked it in the 56th minute. (Lucas Vázquez) after a cross from Bell and a header from Cesme around Vázquez in the net.

Real Madrid came close to scoring a third goal after a counter-attack by Bill on the left flank before passing a shot to Marcel, but the keeper made a difficult save in the 61st minute. Benzema fired a powerful shot from inside the penalty area but the keeper blocked it in the minute. 64 ", Rome almost reduced the score by Kluivert but the ball passed in front of the goal.

Kularov fired a shot from outside the box in the arms of goalkeeper Cortois, and then came out Benzema and entered Mariano in the "76", and then went out of Modric and entered instead of Valverde, and then came out Gareth and even entered Marco Asencio, Valverde hit the ground hit the ground and then into a corner Minute "89", the remaining seconds passed without gravity, to end the meeting 2-0.

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