'Algeria' vs 'Togo' ( 3-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals & High Lights 🏆 2019 ACNQ

Algeria qualify for the African Cup of Nations with a big win outside the home

Algeria qualified for the African Nations Cup finals in 2019 after a big win this evening at the expense of hosts Togo 4-1 in the match of the fifth round of qualifying at the stadium (Kegi).

ملخص مباراة الجزائر وتوجو 4-1 | ثنائية رياض محرز- حفيظ دراجي🔥|HD

The Algerian team lifted their lead after 10 points to strengthen their position in Group D, three points behind second-placed Benin, who will compete in the final round of the second leg with Togo and the Gambia.

Algeria opened the scoring in the third minute of the game, after a ball was kidnapped by the striker Baghdad Bungah of the Togolese defender, the guard came out to prepare to prepare for Riad Mehrez, who took advantage of the situation and played brilliantly towards the empty goal.

The Algerian team scored the second goal in the 28th minute of the meeting, after a brilliant start of the ball from right-back Youssef Atal, who advanced within the penalty area and struck a great left ball in the goal, announcing the first goals in the shirt Greens.

Two minutes later the Algerians scored their third goal, after a long volley from Figouli played to Riad Mehrez to move Manchester City into the area under a defensive cover and then hit a strong ball with his right settled in the nets of the owners of the ground.

In the 55th minute, the home side reduced the lead for Cudgo Laba with a header from a corner kick, and the Algerian team later tried to add more goals.

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