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A surprise fall for Real Betis at Camp Nou

Barcelona met tonight with Real Betis at Camp Nou in the 12th round of the Primera Liga and Barcelona lost 3-4. The defeat left them at 24 points and remained a leader but will be threatened with a loss in the next round. Betis scored 16 points to advance to 12th place.

ملخص مباراة بـرشـلونة وريـال بيـتيـس 3-4 - سقوط البـرسـا وطرد مثير - رؤوف خليف

Malcolm tried a shot in the fourth minute but went past the post. In the fifth minute, Joaquin's shot went into the net after a counter-attack, and in the 19th minute Real Betis opened the scoring after a ball to the left of the penalty area. And put it brilliantly to the right of Stegen.

In the 29th minute, Terje Stegen saved another serious chance for the Andalucians with a shot from former Christiana Thielo, but the German goalkeeper was unable to take the ball three minutes later by Tilo Joaquin in the penalty area to impress the veteran star, announcing the second goal of Betis amid great surprise. Camp Nou Stadiums.

In the first half of the game, the visitors tried to react, like Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez's shot in the 39th minute, but nothing came to the end. Barcelona ended the game with a 0-2 draw. Barcelona started the second half, Where Chilean Arturo Vidal replaced Brazilian Arthur Milo.

Barcelona's pressure to reach the goal of reducing the gap, the most prominent opportunities were Suarez in the 59th minute that passed next to the existing, at the time of Munir Al-Haddadi instead of Malcolm in the second switch to activate the attack, and in the 67th minute the referee awarded a penalty to Barcelona after Thilo on Jordi Alba, successfully executed by Messi to the left of goalkeeper Pau Lopez.

However, the visitors made it difficult for the Catalan side to score a third in the 72nd minute with a right-foot shot from Giovanni Lucello, who entered Barcelona's goal despite Steigen's attempt to tackle it. Barca narrowed the gap 80 minutes after a pass from Lionel Messi to Munir Haddadi, who played for Fedal In Betis' nets successfully.

But Barcelona's desire to return was dealt a new blow by receiving Rachec for the red card, and then with the third goal of Betis after a ball arrived to Junior on the left, to play a beautiful ground cross to the substitute Sergio Canales, who skillfully housed the goal, and Messi succeeded in reducing the difference in stoppage time, Real Betis win (4-3).

What did the Spanish newspapers say about Barcelona's fall to Real Betis?

Barcelona met Saturday with Real Betis at Camp Nou in the 12th round of the Primera Liga, and Barcelona lost 3-4.

The defeat left him at 24 points and remained a leader but would be threatened with a loss in the next rounds. Real Betis raised their lead to 16 points to advance to 12th place, and the leading Spanish newspapers commented on the fall to Barcelona.

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