'Liverpool' and 'Burnely' ( 3-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLihts 🔥 Premier League

Liverpool turn the table on Burnley and continue to press the leaders

Liverpool scored a difficult and valuable win against Burnley, In the meeting held on the evening on the floor of the "Turf Moore" 3-1, in the framework of the matches of the fifteenth round of the English Premier League "Premier League.

ملخص مباراة ليـ۔ـڧربۄل وبيـ۔ـرڼلى 3-1 - عودة كتيبة الريدز المدمرة

Liverpool have 39 points in second place in the overall standings, only two points ahead of Manchester City, while Burnley have nine points in 19th place.

The first half of the game did not see much opportunity on the goals, especially from Liverpool, who entered the meeting in the absence of many players, either to injury or rest, and Gomez went into injury and entered Arnold, to end the first half without goals.

In the second half of the game, Burnley scored the lead by Jack Cork after a corner and then headed off by Alison and then followed by Burnley, but Alison pushed her to Cork, who easily put the ball into the net.

In the 62nd minute, Liverpool scored the goal by James Minler in the 62nd minute and then fired a ground shot from the edge of the box and netted Burnley's home and the crowd.

Liverpool scored a second goal from Roberto Ferminho on the pitch, after a cross from Arnolda around, and Dick to Ferminho, who netted it in the 69th minute, Salah almost scored another goal but the goalkeeper kept the ball away.

Alessum saved from a goal, and Liverpool scored a third goal through Sheridan Shakiri in the 90 + 2 minute after a ball to Salah before passing it to Shakiri, who scored in the net.

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