FC Barcelona vs Tottenham ( 1-1 ) ⚡ Match Goals & HighLights ⚡ Champions League

Tottenham equalize with Barcelona and accompany him to the final price

Barcelona finished their Champions League group stage with a 1-1 draw at home to Tottenham Hotspur in the sixth round. Barcelona ended the match with 14 points and Tottenham lifted their lead to 8. Points, and accompanied Barcelona to the second round on goal difference from Inter Milan.

ملخص مباراة برشــلونــة و تــوتــنهــام1-1 - مباراة مجنونه جدا - عصام الشوالي

The Frenchman Osman Dembili was able to put Barcelona in the lead at the seventh minute of the game with a quick rebound as Tottenham Hotspur striker Dempsey moved to the inside of the penalty area and ended the ball with great skill. Dimbele struck a free kick in the visitors' defense.

In the 28th minute, Brazilian striker Philippe Coutinho headed a dangerous ball past goalkeeper Hugo Lauris to a corner, and after the corner of the corner, the ball reached Coutinho, who met with a header passed by the post, and in 34 minutes Spurs Tottenham, South Korean Hyong Sun Min, a chance to strike a strange, In the 43rd minute, Coutinho hit the ball and hit the left post.

At the start of the second half, Barcelona made the first change by Ivan Rakitic and Sergio Buscic. In the 53rd minute, Coutinho tried a fresh shot and Tottenham tried again with a shot from Sun in the 57th minute by Silesin. Juan Miranda hit the crossbar in the 62th minute , And in the 66th minute a shot from Dembili passes by the post.

In the 75th minute Tottenham was close to the equalizer when Sisoko raised a ball from the right, Lucas Moura met with a superb header, but the goalkeeper Celsin was the best, The ball to Lukas again hit another dangerous ball by the side of the goal.

Then came the third switch to Barcelona with the exit of Osman Dembili and the entry of Denis Suarez, and in the 84th minute again the rebound responded to another shot of Philippe Coutinho, and in the 85th minute managed to score a tie after a ball reached Keen inside the area to play for Mura, who put it in the goal and then tried Tottenham Pressure to reach the second goal, but the match ended with a 1-1 draw.

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