"Real Madrid" vs "Huesca" ( 1-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Real Madrid make a miserable win over Huesca in La Liga

Real Madrid scored a difficult and important win at the expense of Huesca in the evening meeting on the floor of the "Alcoraz" 1-0 in the framework of the games of the fifteenth round of the Liga, to raise Real Madrid score to 26 points in fourth place, 5 points from Leaders Barcelona, while Huesca are up 7 points in 20th place.

ملخص مباراة ريــال مــدريد وهـويــسكا 1-0 - هدف صااروخى مدمر لبــيل

The first half of the game was relatively quick between the two teams amid the preference of Real Madrid, where Huesca goalkeeper took the ball from Benzema to corner in the second minute, Vasquez then sent a cross from the right side but the defender away, Cross from the corner around Javier Ichita headed by the goal in the 7 minute.

Real Madrid scored the goal at 8 minutes after a pass from Llorente to Audrizola, who sent a cross with a one-shot shot into the net from inside the box, Huesca almost equalized after a cross from Ferreiro and then reached the Huesca player. To Avila who fired the ball away and Kurtwa to the corner was not exploited.

Avila sent a cross from the right side, but the Real Madrid defender pushed it into a corner. Bill fired a great shot from outside the penalty area and the goalkeeper sent it to a corner in the 24th minute. Bill sent a cross from the inside of the box, But without real danger, to end the first half Real Madrid 1-0.

In the second half of the game, Huesca almost equalized after a cross from David Ferreiro around Gonzalo Milero with a header near the keeper a little in the 47th minute, and then the Huesca player sent another cross from the right side away with a header and Vasquez outside the ball The penalty area but confronted the Huesca defender.

In the 56th minute, Ferreiro fired a powerful shot from inside the penalty area, but Curtoa took it to a corner in the minute. Cebaios then stepped in and replaced Valverde. Ramos threw the ball out of the Huesca player and then passed it to Bill, who fired a shot from outside the penalty area. In the 64th minute, and then Luca Modric stepped out and replaced him with Isco.

Bell was able to score a second goal after a ball from Isco to Bill who shot the ball from inside the penalty area but the keeper sent it to a corner in the 70th minute. Then Gareth Bell came out and entered Asuncio on the side of Madrid, Huesca almost equalized with a shot from Hernandez over the goal , In the minute "87", Kurtwa removed a dangerous ball from the player Huesca, and then Danny Karfkhal left a ball from the line, ending with the victory Real Madrid 1-0.

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