Manchester City vs Leicester city ( 1-1 ) Match Golas & Highlights - EFL Cup

Manchester City qualify for the FA Cup semi-finals on penalties

Manchester City qualified for the English Premier League semi-final with a penalty shootout 3-1 after a 1-1 draw against Leicester City in a quarter-final match at the Wakers Stadium.

ملخص وركلات ترجيح مانشستر سيتى وليستر سيتى 4-2 - هدف عالمى لدي بروين

After a strong start from Manchester City, Kevin De Bruin scored the lead in the 14th minute with a superb shot from outside the penalty area. Man City's advantage continued with a few attempts from Leicester, ending the first half 1-0.

In the second half, Manchester City continued their attempts to score a second goal in the game, where Aguero fired a powerful shot and then another shot from the Argentine star but the goalkeeper was on time.

Ibrahim Diaz wasted a good chance to score after a shot from the inside of the box by a brilliant pass from De Bruin. Riyad Mehrez fired a superb shot from the edge of the box past the post in the 67th minute.

Leicester scored in the 73rd minute after a ball past the defenders and then fired it into the net. Mehrez almost scored a second goal with a shot from inside the box near the post.

Both teams dominated the penalty shootout in the 3-1 home, where Maguire, Fuchs, Madison and Suyunko scored from Leicester, while Gondogan, Jesus, Zinchenko and Ahder Sterling scored from Manchester City.