'Liverpool' and 'Man. United' ( 3-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLihts 🔥 Premier League

Liverpool stun Manchester United and regain the top of the Premiership

Liverpool scored a deserved and important win at the expense of Manchester United at the meeting held on Tuesday evening at Anfield Stadium 3-1, in the 17th round of the Premiership, to lift Liverpool to 45 points in the lead and a point from Man City II , While Manchester United at 26 points in sixth place.

ملخص مباراه ليفربول ومانشستر يونايتد 3-1 مباراه مجنونه

The first half of the game was quickly played by the Liverpool side, the owner of the land and the public amidst tactical discipline by Manchester United, before Manchester United scored the goal of progress after a free kick Aliston net but the rule was canceled by the intrusion on Lukako, who was entangled in the ball per minute "3", and then Liverpool controlled his dominance and his advantage.

In the 6 th minute, Ferminho fired a shot from outside the penalty area and was followed by Mani with a cross from the left by Salah. Rashford fired a shot from outside the box but between Alison's arms. From Fabino Mani took him on his chest brilliantly before hitting the ball in the net.

In the 27th minute, Ferminho passed the ball from inside the box to Lofrin who shot the ball in front of the goal but next to the keeper, and in the "32" minute, Manchester United scored the equalizer through (Jesse Lengard) after a ball arrived at Lukako on the left side before Sending a cross ball and then a fatal mistake from Allison followed by Lengard easily.

Mani then fired a shot from outside the penalty area but it was easy for De Gia who grabbed the ball. In the 42th minute, Herrera fired a shot from outside the box and hit one of the players and then went to Alison, On both goals, to end the first half with a 1-1 draw.

In the second half of the match, Dalut came out and entered Villaini by Manchester City, Liverpool nearly scored a second goal with a shot from Ferminho inside the penalty area but De Khia away and followed by Keita, but the defender put them away in the 51st minute, The penalty after a corner was carried around a short Lofrin header to another corner.

Manny passed the ball to Van Dyck who shot the ball from inside the box but hit the defender and then into the corner, Manchester United almost scored a second goal after a cross from Young, who was sent off by Robertson with a header from Villaini in the 64th minute, The box is easy when De Chia, then Keita came out and entered Shakiri.

Fabinho fired a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, but De Chia held it firmly in the 71st minute. Liverpool scored a second goal through substitute Sheridan Shakiri after a cross from Mani, Deja Chaya away, and then reached Shakiri who hit the ball from inside the box. In Young then in the horizontal crossbar and settled the net in the "73" minute.

Fenerdum fired a shot from outside the box but just past the keeper in the 75th minute, Manchester United sent a dangerous cross but without a follow-up. Herrera came out and entered Marciel in the 79th minute. Liverpool scored a third goal through Sheridan Shakiri, After a shot by Shakiri, it hit Bayley and hit goalkeeper De Chia.

The Reds shot the ball out of the box between the arms of De Chia, then Mani and entered Henderson, and then left Lengard and entered instead of Mata, Villaini shot a ball from inside the penalty area far from the goal, Ferminho shot from inside the penalty area, Minute "90 + 1", Salah fired a shot over the goal, ending the meeting after 3-1 to the Reds.

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