'Man.City' and 'Watford' ( 2-1 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLihts 🔥 Premier League

Mehrez leads Manchester City to beat Watford in the Premiership

Manchester City continued their winning streak in the English Premier League after beating Watford 2-1 at the Vickard Road in the 15th round of the Premier League, with Manchester City leading 41 points to the top. Watford is at 20 points in 10th place.

ملخص مباراة مانشستر سيتي وواتفورد 2 - 1 🔥 تألق محرز وتسجيل هدف جنوني 🔥الدوري الممتاز

The first half of the game was quick and strong by Manchester City, who tried early to press on Watford amid a backlash from the hosts and the public. David Silva sealed a powerful but over the net in the second minute, and then sent Fernandinho a cross, At the right time, Pereira fired a shot away from the net.

In the 11th minute, Manchester City came close to scoring the goal after a home ball to Sani, who entered the penalty area before sending the ball past the keeper to the corner of Kad Company to score the goal but his shot went just wide. Easy in the hands of keeper Ederson in the 21st minute of the meeting.

David Silva passed the ball to Jesus, who entered the penalty area and fired the ball but the goalkeeper continued to shine and moved to the corner in the "30 minute", the team Watford almost scored the goal after a ball from the inside of the penalty area of ​​the player Abdullah Dukuri reached Troy Deeni who shot the ball The goalkeeper saved him from a goal.

Riyad Mehrez sent a cross from the right side but the defense kept it at the last minute. Manchester City scored the goal of Leroy Sani after a ball into the area from Riyad Mehrez around with his head in the net in the 41st minute, After the first half with a clear advantage to Manchester City 1-0.

In the second half of the game, Manchester City scored a second goal through (Riad Mehrez) in the minute "51" after a pass from David Silva to Jesus, who sent a cross from inside the area around him with a shot in the net, The penalty area hit the defender and then into a corner just below the goal.

Isaac Sukesis fired a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, but then missed Manchester City's goal after a brilliant pass from Mehrez to Jesus, who placed the ball next to the keeper a little in the minute "69", and then David Silva came in instead of Gundogan in the minute "73 "Dukuri fired a ball from inside the box and the keeper blocked it.

Riyad Mehrez fired a superb ball from the edge of the penalty area, but the keeper kept the ball in the 82nd minute and the defenders were out of the net. Compani went out and Ottamindi entered from Man City. Watford scored a goal to reduce the lead by Abdullah Dokuri after a cross from Dolovio arrived at Dukuri, who turned the net after a defensive vehicle.

Watford sent a cross from the right side, but on the crossbar and then out of the pitch. Gabriel Jesús came in and entered Laporte in the 89th minute. Watford intensified their attempts during the four-minute penalty but Manchester City's defense was on the lookout Their area, to end with a match by the victory of Man City 2-1.