'PSG' and 'Bordeaux' ( 5-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLihts 🔥 France Ligue 1

Paris St Germain stumble for the first time in the French league!

Paris St Germain stumbled for the first time in this French first division championship, With a 2-2 win over Bordeaux in the 15th round, lifting his lead to 43 points and strengthening his position in the lead. Bordeaux became the 11th with 17 points.

ملخص بارېس سٱن جېرمان وبۄردو 2-2 - مباراة ناارية وتألق نېمار

The hosts held on until the 34th minute, when the Parisians managed to open the scoring for the Brazilian star Neymar da Silva after all the play was done and played for the right-wing fash which returned him inside the area to give it a great goal.

Bordeaux scored the equalizer in the 53rd minute after a brilliant start from the right by Jan Karamoah and the ball went into the penalty area, and Ponce Sanchari camouflaged it well to hit veteran Jimmy Brand.

The Bordeaux fans did not rejoice much in the draw, with the home side regaining the lead in the 66th minute with a swift rebound, in which Julian Draxler delivered the ball to Kylian Mbabey who broke the trap and was the only one to save the ball.

But Bordeaux came out on the equalizer at the 84th minute, with Danish striker Andreas Cornelois finishing the match with a 2-2 draw, the first match the BSG failed to win this season.

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