'Real Madrid' vs 'Al Ain' ( 4-1 ) Match Goals & HighLights 🏆 FIFA Club World Cup

Official: Real Madrid sweeps the eye and crowns the Club World Cup

Real Madrid crowned the Club World Cup for the fourth time in their history and the third consecutive win after beating the UAE team Al Ain 4-1, at the meeting held this evening at the stadium Zayed Sports City.

ملخص مباراة ريال مدريد والعين الاماراتي 4-1 🔥 نهائي كاس العالم للأندية

The first half of the game was relatively quiet between the two teams in the middle of the game, and in the 4th minute saw the first opportunity after a ball from Llorente the defense to hit the post and then to the corner was not exploited, and then returned the team after a ball to pass by mistake to reach To the eyeball player who dodged the keeper and passed the crossbar I went to Courtois easy g

And then passed the ball in dangerous cross in the minute "6" passed from the mother of all, and then entered Benzema inside the penalty area and missed but missed the goal of the goal, and then wasted an eye goal after the goal of a goal after Marcelo hit the ball to the Shahat who entered the penalty area and tampering with Ramos and Kurtwa Ramos then shot the ball from the goal line into a corner.

In the 14th minute, Real scored the goal of Luka Modric after a ball to Benzema, who set it up to Modric, who fired a superb shot from outside the penalty box, and then scored the equalizer but the referee ruled out the break, A cross came to Vázquez, who hit the ground with a little bit of a header.

Bell fired a ball from inside the penalty area but the goalkeeper put it away. Bell then passed a ball to Benzema who pushed the ball into a corner and then Ramos turned right next to the goal. Real Madrid missed a goal after a cross from Vasquez, A corner around her with a header with her head off the keeper, ending with a 1-0 lead.

In the second half of the game, Murdech went into the penalty area to cross the crossbar, then the defender, and then Vazquez turned the header away from the defender and then cut from Gareth Bell over the goal in the "50" minute, and then sent Gareth Bell cross around the Benzema from inside the penalty area, To miss the chance of a goal in the minute "52".

Real Madrid missed a goal after a ball between Modric and Benzema to separate Benzema goalkeeper and kick the ball away goalkeeper Issa to the corner of the far beyond the scene received by (Marcus Llorente) with a wonderful shot in the net to score the second goal in the "60", the eye was able to reduce the result after a cross and head away Carvajal in front of the eye player at the last minute.

Real Madrid continued to miss the opportunity after a great pass from Crosse to Bill, who shot from inside the penalty area but the goalkeeper brilliantly removed, Tony Crosse came in and replaced Danny Sibayos in the 70th minute, the eye almost reduced the score after a long ball reached the Cayo who The keeper deflected the ball from inside the penalty area, but Kurtua rebounded.

Bell wasted an opportunity to score a goal after the keeper was saved in the 76th minute. Sergio Ramos scored a third goal after Luca Mudrich and Ramos had a great header. Llorente went out and Casimiro replaced him. The average pitch, then Lukas Vasquez came in and replaced Vinicius.

Al Ain scored the goal of reducing the gap by (Tsukasa Shotani) after a free-kick directly into the penalty area and then surrounded by Chitani with a wonderful header that saved goalkeeper Cortwa in the 86th minute, Real Madrid scored a fourth goal after a ball from Venecius Juniro around ( Nayer salutes) by mistake, and ends the match 4-1.

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