"Real Madrid" vs "Rayo Vallecano" ( 1-0 ) 🔥 Match Goals & HighLights 🔥 La Liga

Real Madrid win a hard-fought win over Rio Vallecano in La Liga

Real Madrid scored a difficult and deserved win at the expense of Rio Vallecano in the evening meeting at the Santiago Bernabeu, 1-0, in the sixteenth round of La Liga, to raise Real Madrid to 29 points in third place temporarily , While Rayo Vallecano scored 10 points in 19th place.

ملخص مباراة ريال مدريد ورايو فاليكانو 1-0 - بنزيما يسجل - مباراة مجنونة

The first half of the game was quick by the Real Madrid side and the visitors were in the center of the draw by Rayo Vallecano, where Vázquez sent a cross from the right side but between the keeper and in the 10th minute sent the Real Madrid cross but the defense away With difficulty, to continue the advantage of the Royal team at the beginning of the meeting.

In the 13th minute, Real Madrid scored the goal by Karim Benzema after a long ball from Benzema to Vázquez, who passed it to Benzema, who shot the ball into the net. The Valicano then sent a cross ball past Llorente at the last minute to go easy at Curtua. Vallecano equalized after a corner around Velasquez with a header next to the post.

Real Madrid missed a goal after a solitary from Asencio, who shot the ball inside the penalty area but the keeper blocked it, and then sent a cross Vazquez cross from the inside of the penalty area but the defense away, and sent Benzema cross from inside the penalty area beyond the defense amid defensive vehicle From Valencano Real Madrid did not use them in front of goal.

Real Madrid continued their attempts to add a second goal amid a decline by Rayo Vallecano players who did not threaten the goal of Corto much, and in the minute "35" Real Madrid almost add a second goal after a ball arrived at Benzema, who created it to Cross, who shot a wonderful ball from outside The penalty shoot-out hit the post, ending in the first half with Real advancing 1-0.

In the second half of the game, Real Madrid almost scored a second goal after a ball arrived in Modric to enter the area with great skill and then passed a cross arrived to Assencio, who shot hard but the goalkeeper kept them in the "50" minute, Ramos scored a second goal after a free kick Crossover and then header from Ramos but the goal was canceled because of the stalemate.

In the 67th minute, Bibi fired a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, but Curtua narrowly missed it. In the 70th minute, Asencio went out and Sevilla went through Real Madrid. Empola shot a powerful shot from outside the penalty area, Karim Benzema came out after injury and Vincius Jr. took the lead in the 79th minute.

Vasquez passed the ball to Venecius, who fired a shot from inside the box and crashed into the corner above the goal in the "86", Vallecano almost scored the equalizer in the minute "90 +1" after a ball shot Allegria in front of the goal, To Velasquez who shot the ball but Kurtwa away and then Karvkhal strayed, to end the meeting 1-0.

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