'River Plate' Vs 'Boca Juniors' ( 3-1 ) Match 🔥 Goals & HighLights 🔥 Copa Libertadores

River Plate overturns the table on the Boca Juniors crowned Libertadores Cup

The Argentinian River Plate won the Copa Libertadores 2018, after a thrilling victory over their traditional rivals Boca Juniors in the second leg of Sunday's final at Santiago Bernabeu, This title is the fourth in the history of River Plate in this tournament and qualify for the World Cup clubs.

ملخص بوكا جونيور وريفر بليت 1-3 كامل مباراة نااارية- حضور ميسي- تتويج الريفر- مباراة القرن

The first half of the game was in the midst of a noisy crowd at the Santiago Bernabeu, while the stadium was quick but strong in the middle of the pitch, where the minute "10" first opportunity after a corner of Armani arrived at Perez, who shot the ball but easy to The goalkeeper, and then shot a strong but over the side of the Punda goalkeeper Andrade Boca keeper.

In the 29th minute, Boca hit a free kick that hit the defense and then reached Perez, who shot from inside the penalty box but missed the goal to miss a goal. River Plate almost took the lead but Boca missed the ball. In front of the goal, the Boca player sent a cross-ball but the goalkeeper kept it at the last minute.

River Plate passed a dangerous cross from inside the box but without a follower, and Boca Juniors scored the goal by Dario Benedetto in the 44th minute after a counter-attack that ended with a pass from Perez to Dario, who snatched the ball from River player brilliantly And then fired into the net, ending the first half 1-0 for the Boca team.

In the second half of the game, Ignacio Fernandez fired a superb shot from outside the penalty area, but next to the keeper of the Boca Juniors in the 48th minute, and then another shot from the River player arrived easy at the goalkeeper, and then rose River Plate Prato cross-ball from the right side around With a header but easy in the arms of Boca goalkeeper in minute 66.

In the 68th minute, River Plate scored the equalizer through Lucas Prato after a joint win-win ended with a cross from Fernandez from inside the penalty area. Prato scored a shot in the net. The referee calculated an indirect free kick for Boca Juniors inside the area But the ball hit the defense in the 80th minute.

The minutes went through attempts from both sides but without real danger, to announce the referee the end of the second half, and the stoppage of the extra runs, and in the minute "92" Boca Juniors Barrios received a red card after a violent intervention on River Plate player, Kintiro shot a strong shot from outside the penalty area But far away, Martinez shot a superb ball past the goal.

In the 109th minute, River Plate scored a second goal through Juan Kintiro with a superb shot from the edge of the area where young people were sitting. Gago fired a shot from outside the penalty area, but in the keeper's arms, Alvarez fired a powerful shot but the keeper blocked it. The score was adjusted after a shot from Khara but crashed into the post and then into the corner.

River Plate scored a third goal through Gonzalo Martínez after a quick counter-attack in which the player was free to enter the penalty area and put the ball into the net to end the game with River Plate 2-1.

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